Home Education Switzerland remains the most popular destination for German immigrants

Switzerland remains the most popular destination for German immigrants

Switzerland remains the most popular destination for German immigrants

Most Germans who leave the country to move to other European countries enter the country Switzerland, according to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany. As of early 2021, more than 300,000 Germans lived in Switzerland.

German immigrants prefer to lead their German-speaking neighbors

Not surprisingly, most German emigrants in Europe choose two destinations: Switzerland and Austria. Because German is spoken in both countries, it eliminates the need for many immigrants. learn English as an international business language or other language that can be used in everyday life.

The European Union’s statistical agency, Eurostat, found that the number of Germans heading to both countries has been rising in recent years, possibly reflecting a relatively easier way for Germans to get residence permit in Switzerland compared to other places on the continent.

Switzerland is also a country where most Germans take on citizenship. In 2020, the number of Germans who received Swiss citizenship reached a maximum of 6,900 naturalizations.

Other German emigrants decided to go to the sun

While many people often move behind career opportunitiesespecially those moving to large business centers such as Zurich or Vienna, many people also leave to improve their lifestyles. Perhaps that is why the third largest German diaspora in Europe is in Spain – better the weathergenerous residents and an excellent work-life balance.

It is likely that many Germans also live in the United Kingdom, as the country is English-speaking, but statistics compiled by the Federal Statistical Office do not include the country, as the UK has not published statistics recently than in 2019.

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