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Sylvester Stallone again criticizes producer for ‘Dear’ spinoff: ‘I never wanted the Rocky characters to be used’


Sylvester Stallone has doubled down on his criticism of the Rocky franchise, expressing his disappointment with the recently announced Drago spinoff.

The actor shared his frustration on Instagram on Saturday. While Stallone doesn’t name any specific person in his credits, the star mentions a “94-year-old producer,” a description that appears to refer to Rocky producer Irwin Winkler. Winkler, who is indeed 91, was focused on criticizing Stallone up front.

“Another heartthrob… Just figured this out… Once again, this PATIENT 94 year old pre-PRODUCER and HIS STUPID NOTHING HEART-KILLER The little kids, Charles and David, are picking the DONE again and again for the wonderful new character I designed without even telling me,” Stallone wrote. “I APOLOGIZE TO THE FANS, I HARDLY WANTED THE ROCKY CHARACTERS TO BE USED BY THESE PARASITES.”

Stallone also opened up about his relationship with actor Dolph Lundgren, who plays the victorious Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV and Creed II. Lundgren is set to reprise his goal in the Drago spin-off.

“By the way, I have very little respect for Dolph, but I wish HE would tell me what’s going on with me again,” Stallone concluded. “Keep your true friends close.”

Earlier in the thirty-day period, Stallone created comments from Winkler, sharing a snake portrait of the producer. The actor expressed his annoyance at the fact that he was allegedly deprived of a share in the “Rocky” franchise.

“After Irwin controlled Rocky for over 47 years and now Creed, I would definitely like to have at least a tiny [of] What’s left of my legal rights again before handing them over to ONLY YOUR young men,” Stallone wrote at the time.

In 2019 Wide range it is documented that Winkler was surprised to learn that Stallone was unhappy with his share of the franchise, pointing to the tens of millions of pounds he received in profit sharing and upfront costs.

“I don’t own Rocky,” Stallone explained Assortment in 2019, sharing that a sort of annuity that could be left to his children immediately upon his death was all he preferred. “It was amazing that it didn’t happen at all, but it was explained to me, ‘Hey, you got compensation, so what are you complaining about?’ I was furious.”

The first Rocky, in 1976, was conceived, created and starred Stallone, who went on to receive Oscar nominations for Best Actor and Best Unique Screenplay. At the 49th Academy Awards, “Rocky” won statuettes for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Film Editing. Rocky IV, the precursor to Lundgren’s Avan Drago, was produced and directed by Stallone.

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