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Tamil Nadu has canceled the 10th grade exams

Tamil Nadu has canceled the 10th grade exams

The Tamil Nadu government has decided not to conduct the exams in the 10th grade and the rest of the exams in the 11th grade this year. The decision was made after the Madras High Court asked the government to consider postponing the exams as the number of COVID-19 infections continues to rise. The final decision on the exams in 12th grade will be made later.

For the 11th grade, exams in subjects such as chemistry and accounting cannot be taken. Additional and district exams for 12th graders have been postponed, new dates will be announced later.

In Chennai and some other areas, the number of COVID-19 cases is growing, and Mr Palaniswami said epidemiologists believe there is no way to reduce the spread of the pathogen. Thus, given the representation of parents and the current trend of the spread of coronavirus, peer exams in 10th grade and in subjects that could not be held in 11th grade are completely canceled, and students are declared elevated.

The new ANI agency tweeted, quoting Tamil Prime Minister Nada Adappadi K. Palaniswami: “10th and 11th grade students will be promoted based on the results of quarterly and semi-annual exams, as well as their attendance; their exam stand is canceled. The decision to take the exams in the 12th grade will be made in the coming days. “

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