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Tempo Long Kick-Out Plan Issue 30


Tempo Long Kick-Out

Release 30 Tempo Open: Long Term Release Plan Details

Tempo introduced issue 30 of its product suite this week, which continues to offer exceptional conditions for investors,including plan options with high potential profitability and/or deeply defensive conditions to generate a positive return.

Terms of issue 30 are ongoing benefit from recent stock market volatility, which can improve capital conditions in risky products.

Demand for Tempo plans is usually high – so if you are interested in investing, please contact us as soon as possible (plans may close earlier, especially in the current climate).


This letter contains detailed information about Temp A long plan of elimination.

This plan includes oPtsi p exceptional conditions for investorsincluding plan options with high potential profitability and/or deep, defensive conditions for a positive return.

as always please review the full details of the plan, features, terms and conditions including risks.

Tempo Long Kick-Out

Temp A long plan of elimination (counterparty of Société Générale) optimizes the popular kick-out strategy by the simple step of combining a longer maximum duration with short-term kick-out potential and defensive index conditions.

Potential profitability of each LKO Tempo option:

Tempo Long Kick-Out

> LKO1 allows FTSE 100 EWFD to fall 5% y/y, since the 3rd year 35% below baseline at 10 year/end date.

> LKO2 allows FTSE 100 EWFD to fall 2.5% y/ysince the 3rd year up to 17.5% below the initial level in the 10th year / end date.

> LKO3 simply requires the FTSE 100 EWFD to be at or above 100% of the initial levelon any of the game exit anniversaries or the end date.

Tempo Long Kick-Out

Tempo plans are linked to the FTSE 100 EWFD.

The FTSE 100 EWFD was developed by FTSE Russell with the aim of helping investment banks to offer investors better terms on structured products.

Enhanced conditions may include: below expiration barriers; below conditions for obtaining a positive return; and above potential profitability.

Société Générale has an exclusive license from FTSE Russell to use the FTSE 100 EWFD. And Tempo agreed on the exclusive use of the index in its plans with Société Générale.

It should be noted that the FTSE 100 EWFD will differ from the FTSE 100 due to its equal weighting and fixed dividend. This means that returns from plans linked to it may be higher or lower than returns from a similar product linked to the FTSE 100.

Neither equal-weighted nor market-cap-weighted indices are better or worse than the others. Each offers a different approach and has different merits: the risks and returns will be different for each and will depend on the future stock market environment and the performance of the companies in each index.

While a fixed dividend can help provide higher potential returns or reduce exposure to structured products, it can have a negative impact on the FTSE 100 EWFD if the fixed dividend is higher than the level of dividends paid by companies in the index.

It is important to carefully consider the current level of FTSE 100 EWFD, the level of its fixed dividend and the prospects for its future level.

It is important to note that Tempo identified the target market for investors in the issue of 30 investors who are positive about the future performance of the FTSE 100 EWFD in the medium to long term.

Information on the FTSE 100 EWFD can be found in the scheme brochures.

You can find the FTSE 100 EWFD level by visiting ft. com website:

https://markets.ft.com/data and by means of a symbol “GPSOC002:FSI”.

Tempo Long Kick-Out

Tempo products are described as “deliberately defensive”meaning that they are all designed so that they can generate some or all of their income without requiring the market index to which they are linked to rise, with some level of protection if the market index falls.

Tempo’s products benefit from the firm’s operational strength and rigorous management approach, are backed by strong issuers/counterparties and are based on a single index with a deep maturity barrier.

These hallmarks of Tempo.

We believe this approach has real merit and can add real value to investors in balanced and diversified portfolios in the current market environment.

Tempo Long Kick-Out

All Tempo plans come with incredible promise “Declared conditions or better‘.

This unique promise allows Tempo to extend plan terms beyond those listed in the brochures if the stock market and other factors during the offer period mean they can do so.

For example, while Option 3 offers 12.50% per annum in the Long Exit Plan brochure, if stock market movements and other factors mean that Tempo may increase this amount further during the offer period, the actual terms may be increased , which will be confirmed after the start date.

Issue 12 LKO3 was “supposed” to offer 13.1% per annum as stated in the brochure, but this was increased to 20.4% per annum during the offer period as a result of the pledge!

What’s not to love about this great feature that only Tempo offers?!

Tempo Long Kick-Out


As with all forms of investment, there are risks involved.

Structured products are not suitable for everyone: in addition to understanding the features and benefits, investors should also understand the risks and limitations:

  • structured products represent counterparty risk that must be understood and accepted: the potential profitability of the structured product and the return of invested money usually depend on the financial stability of the issuer and the counterparty throughout the life of the investment
  • the level of profit that a structured product generates may be limited and/or less than the rate of return obtained by direct investment in the stock market or through active or passive means
  • the terms of structured products may predetermine what can be expected at maturity and at certain other dates, such as the potential “exile” and early maturity: but these conditions do not apply during the term of the investment
  • the value of structured products can be affected by various factors during the investment period: although access to investment is usually possible under normal market conditions, it is not guaranteed
  • past performance is not a reliable indicator or guide to future performance and should not be relied upon, especially in isolation: the value of investments and income from them can both decrease and increase
  • capital is at risk and investors may lose some or all of their capital

Please ensure that you review the plan documents for complete information on features and risks.

Our advice is always to diversify across different products, from different plan managers, with different counterparties and different plan features.


Tempo products can be accessed by consultation only.

Promotion of plans is not investment “advice”. Advice is always tailored to the circumstances and needs of individual investors and follows a ‘know your client’ process to ensure that any product is right for the investor.

Tempo Long Kick-Out

To access the literature for these products:

Click here – https://bestpricefs.co.uk/tempo-structured-products/

Demand for Tempo products is expected to be high.

We recommend getting in touch early if you are interested in investing in Issue 30 to try to ensure availability and access.

Please contact us to discuss any aspect of these products.

Best wishes.

Best price FS Team

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