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Texas Realtors Prepare for 2023 Legislative Session ⭐️ Real Estate News TV


Texas Realtors are gearing up for the 2023 legislative session

Poll time, poll time. Thus Texas realtors conduct a survey. They are preparing for 2023 Legislative Session for the next year.

It is scheduled for next year. So, as real estate professionals, we need to get involved. And how do you do that, how do you contribute and even know what’s on the agenda and what’s important? Well, we’re going to put a stop to that in your Texas Realtor account. And under realtor members you have to log in. There is an opportunity to take a survey on proposed public policy positions.

Good. So I went through that there’s affordability, taxation, land use, business issues. But you have to understand that we talk a lot about this, that we’re more than just licensed professionals, but we’re more than just transaction coordinators or, you know, helping somebody buy or sell. We are lawyers. Texas Realtors are the biggest, strongest real estate advocates you know. And every legislative session always has something related to real estate.

is correct. So whether we like the policy or not, and I don’t, we still have a duty to our customers, consumers and homeowners to fight on their behalf. is correct. So luckily, we realtors don’t have to do all this work ourselves. We have someone to repack. We have defenders who will do it for us, but we have to contribute. So you guys have to log into your Texas Realtor account, take this survey so there’s a way to check if you agree or disagree, and a place to add additional notes.

And I will tell you that they’re looking at those items, you know, and so they’re there planning ahead and doing it now so they can get everything together and be prepared for next year’s legislative session.

Good. That’s good. So you’ll have that link, we’ll mention it in the description and add it right now. So there you have it, and then you’re good to go. oh and make sure you start it. What I would like to add is the discussion of the 50 year mortgage. I think it should be included there and come under accessibility.

Yes, it would help with accessibility. Good. To make it a little easier to get, we can’t lower the prices on everything. is correct. So we can help by reducing your monthly payment. And I’d like that 50-year mortgage to also be where you can move the property, change the mortgage.

yes So a property qualifies if you can transfer it from one property to the next to keep the same depreciation schedule. You know, I’ve talked about it here at different times.

It should backfire. I should, but I’m not a Texas realtor so I need someone to connect on my behalf.

yes. So one more thing guys. I don’t know if you did. If you haven’t, you should. But you can text and we’re going to put it in there to let the realtors know. 306 44 And you will be able to get any call to action that may be on the table. So when something is brewing and they really need our input, they don’t text you back, they use this way of texting to keep you informed of what’s going on, to tell you, and to give you a form of how to respond.

is correct. And when you say they need so many signatures, I don’t know, just using this as an example, they make it extremely easy for you by sending you a form, you click and it sends its documents to your local government, senators, who whatever it was, whoever it was.

So it’s really good to be aware and read, to be able to get those calls to action. So please do that too. I think we will invest it.

Yes, own car should be for us. We will add it. And how long have you been getting these messages and how often do they text you?

I haven’t received it in a long time. But you know when things start to heat up HOA reforms or different things, I mean, it was before, last year I got a few.

Okay, pick up the phone if you want and type three zeros on the keyboard. No. Six by four.

And then you text that Txrealtors number. There is no place. All with a real pause.
Very good. Thanks guys. Good. That’s it for Monday.

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