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The action to become a superstar – The New Indian Express

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Last week the nation faltered from cobalimania. The superstar was everywhere: planes, trains and cars. Everyone, regardless of age, gender and social strata, jumped on the step, there was electricity in the air.

What is the magnetic attraction of the superstar, where does it come from, does it require special talent or is it acquired through some divine intervention?

How do ordinary people become superstars? Lady Gaga says that “everyone is born like a superstar”, if that’s true, then why only a few people are in the spotlight.

In fact, we all have the opportunity to become one, you just have to believe in it and follow a few steps.

When a genius sculptor was once asked how he created a masterpiece, he very casually replied that the exquisite statue was already in the stone, he just needed to chip off unnecessary parts.

Also, we all have a superstar trapped in our body, that’s how we can release it.

Set Bold Goals: Set Goals BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) The bolder the better Jim Collins coined the term in his book Built to Last.

Take the case of Jessica Cox, she set a goal to fly a plane, a fairly simple goal, you could say, but Jessica had a small hurdle, she was born without arms. And what! She asked herself, and learned to control the plane with her feet. She achieved this almost impossible goal thanks to her perseverance and determination

Nick Newell of the U.S. was born with a congenital left arm amputation that ends just below the elbow, but that didn’t stop him from striving and becoming a mixed martial arts champion, winning almost all fights.

Get to know yourself: it’s important that you know yourself fully, learn through feedback or introspection what you’re doing well and where you have flaws. The trick is to maximize and exploit your strengths and minimize or underutilize your weaknesses.

Update and constantly invent yourself: add value to your life every day, it is very important that you learn a new skill or supplement your repository of knowledge every day. Strive to become so good at what you do so that no one can ignore or replace you.

Network: Meet new people as often as possible. If you stay inclusive, chances are no one will know how good you are. The trick is to go out and show yourself as much as possible.

R. A. Nadeson is an executive trainer of behavioral and soft skills with the presence of Mr. India. He can be contacted at ranadesan@yahoo.co.uk

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