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The Armenian government calls for hiring teachers with “different” views

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Virginia Gov. Glen Yangkin, a Republican, told college presidents this week that he expects them to promote free speech on campus and hire faculty and other staff “with different political perspectives.” The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

Yangkin sent a five-page letter to the Council of Presidents, expressing his expectations on a number of cultural issues important to his conservative political base – from personal training during the COVID-19 pandemic to the establishment of laboratory schools as a kind. charter school outside of traditional public education K-12. He also does not want to increase the cost of training. Some Virginia colleges have offered to raise tuition fees for next year.

He said freedom of speech on campus was “a challenge and a priority.” Many Conservatives have spoken out about a speech by former Vice President Mike Pence at the University of Virginia. Although some students said he should not appear on campus, he spoke with the support of the administration.

Youngkin said hiring teachers with different views would “nurture a culture that prioritizes civic discourse and debate, both in the classroom and beyond.”

“This framework. non-contractual things that will not be allowed on our campuses, and other steps to expand these fundamental freedoms on our campuses, ”he wrote.

Larry Sabata, president of the Center for Policy at UVA, said: “It’s become a dogma affair, and that’s what Yangkin eats.”

Sabato said he did not object to most of the governor’s stated goals, but questioned the need to impose a framework for colleges and universities that are already working on the issue. “I can only speak from one place, but what’s the problem?” He asked. “What problem are we trying to solve?

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