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The beginning of the New Era – the Era of Light


When things seem to be going from bad to worse, you could be forgiven for thinking the world is coming to an end. Certainly, what was acceptable in the past is no longer sufficientso everything had to change.

Keep in mind that you are already at the beginning of a New Era and a period of purification is very important if you want to clear the way for changes that will raise your vibrations. There is so much new for you and waiting to be discovered that will finally lead to the end of the low vibrations and the beginning of the most awaited changes that will completely change the quality of your life.

Look around you and see new ideas emerge that challenge old ways of doing things. Many changes will come as soon as you are ready for them. Some are already so obvious, and we mean the electric car, which has advanced quite quickly in a very short time. You simply cannot hold back progress, although many with an interest in what already exists will try to avoid change if they can.

Man has always been adventurous and inventive and has always sought to improve what already exists. When we think you’re ready to move on, you may have noticed new ideas emerging at the same time, and that’s by design. This is a way to ensure that new features are used to implement them, which ensures that they are being worked on. So, as you can see, new ideas do not appear by chance, but by design.

When you realize that there has always been a plan for the evolution of Man, and although the Dark Ones have a free hand to try to prevent progress, it will be unsuccessful. Of course they can and do cause delays, and will go to any extreme to succeed, such as in the case of collapsing towers. However, progress is still being made, and with our help, we know the outcome will be a success. We monitor your activities and, thanks to the powers given to us, we can guarantee that your goals will be met.

Some things that seem to happen by chance do not matter, but most are part of a greater plan for the person. It must seem strange to you that you are exercising your free will, but many things are planned in your path for your advancement. Each of your lives is arranged so that opportunities come your way to aid your evolution, for what would be the point if there was no real purpose in your experience. Everything manifests between lives as you return to the higher dimensions for a life review.

Your problem is that you can see another soul, but you cannot tell how far it has progressed in its evolutionary path. However, you carry your level of understanding with you through each life and this ensures your progress without having to go through the early stages again.

Evolution is the key to everything and your entire reason for experiencing in the Universe of Matter. It’s a great way to develop, allowing you to express yourself freely while at the same time holding you accountable for your actions. It also gives you a strong will and the ability to set your goal.

You can make mistakes and be able to correct them, most likely in the same lifetime. Failure is not a problem as you can try to overcome your problems as many times as necessary. You will always have help at hand when you need it, and you may never have to solve your problems alone.

People use punishment for those who break the law and that is acceptable from your point of view. It is a way to teach souls that they owe each other to help them with life’s problems. Putting others first is a quality that is acquired through pure experience and awareness that you are all connected to each other on a soul level, hence the teaching that you are all one.

At your current level, there is a tendency for people to take care of themselves without necessarily feeling that they have any responsibility for another soul. However, the higher you rise, the more you realize that you are “your brother’s keeper” and it becomes quite natural to care for the souls around you. There is great satisfaction in helping others in need, and the more you see them in that light, the stronger the bond between you becomes.

Life is a game, but a pretty serious one, because in your current dimension, everywhere you turn, there are obstacles in your way. Many of them are designed to test you and make you perform satisfactorily. When you can take responsibility for your life, it becomes more purposeful, fulfilling and enjoyable.

Try not to get involved in arguments and be ready to walk away from them if necessary. You’ll feel better and avoid an upset that might be unnecessary anyway. The ego is a powerful energy and tends to kick in when you have a difference of opinion with someone. It’s easier said than done, but allow the other person to be “right” if necessary, if it’s a means of resolving a difference of opinion without bad feelings.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the light illuminate your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quincy.

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