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The best crystals for manifestation


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Using crystals for manifestation is a great way to amplify your intentions and accelerate results. I’ll go into more detail below, but keep this in mind using crystals for manifestation is only a small part of the manifestation process. It will take work and realignment on your part to see real results from your manifestation!

What is a manifestation?

Manifestation is a process of co-creation with the universe. It requires a conscious, concerted effort on our part and at the same time a radical trust in the universe and something greater than ourselves.

I am a believer in practical manifestation– a concept that came to me when I thought about what I *didn’t* like about the spiritual and manifest community.

The idea that our desires come to us out of thin air or after writing a few pages in a notebook can be really wrong.

In my experience, manifestation requires much more.

To truly transform our lives and manifest it in a way that sustains it (rather than showing up as finding a random $20 bill, which is great of course, but not indeed change our life) we must get to the root of what is preventing us from living the life we ​​desire.

Sometimes that means healing a trauma, breaking bad habits, or getting out of a toxic relationship or environment.

Only then will we see real sustainable, lasting and transformative manifestations come to life.

At this point we can use things like visualization, money spells, or crystals to manifest.

In this post I will share some of my favorite manifestation crystals and how to use them practically.

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How can we use crystals for manifestation?

Approaching the process of summoning and creating our desires, we can also use crystals to manifest. In this article I will talk about some of my favorite manifesting crystals and which ones to use for your specific intentions.

Some ways to use crystals for manifestation

You can add these crystals to a crystal grid that is programmed with a specific manifestation intention.

You can carry your manifestation crystal in your pocket.

You can carry your manifestation crystal in your purse or wallet.

Wear your manifestation crystal as a piece of jewelry.

You can take (some of them) as a crystal tincture.

You can wear some of these in crystal spray or infused oil.

You can hold your manifestation crystal in your palms during meditation.

You can put a manifestation crystal under your pillow while you sleep.

You can place your crystal on your desktop or workplace.

You can intentionally install them in and around your home.

Intentional use of crystals for manifestation

It is important to note that we must use crystals intentionally. Simply buying and storing or wearing them isn’t as powerful as actually putting careful intention into them before using them.

You can do this by holding the crystal between your palms and tuning into its energy. Pay attention to how you feel – do you feel heaviness, tingling, surges of energy?

It is good to clear the crystals before programming them with a specific intention.

To learn how to do this, check out this post: How to clean crystals.

Once you have cleansed and connected to your crystal, ask it to help you through the manifestation process. Maybe you need help removing obstacles or attracting opportunities to say yes – whatever it is, set your intention and ask your crystal to help you with that.

Throughout this process, you may notice a feeling of incongruity or incongruity—perhaps the crystal you’ve chosen isn’t quite right for the task at hand. If you encounter this, try experimenting with different crystals until you get the feeling of “yes, it’s the one!”

Below you will find some practical uses and meanings of my favorite manifestation crystals.

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crystals for manifestation

The best crystals for manifestation

Manifestation Crystals: Citrine

Citrine: Attracts abundance

Citrine is one of my favorite crystals. It carries such a high and joyful vibration, perfect for manifesting. Citrine is known as a “merchandise stone” and a stone of wealth with the ability to attract money and opportunities. It can also help with creativity, which is an important energy to develop when we are in the manifestation phase.

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crystals for manifestation, aventurine

Aventurine: Increases optimism and attracts prosperity

Aventurine is a wonderful crystal for manifestation, and one of the reasons is its ability to soothe and heal the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is our energy center for reception, so when we do work and fulfill our desires, the support of this energy center is very helpful.

Many times this can be difficult for us, especially for those of us who identify as empaths or doctors… When we are used to over-giving (perhaps even to the point of people-pleasing), this can cause an imbalance in the heart chakra.

This makes it difficult for us to get what we want.

Using aventurine as a manifestation crystal is a great idea. It is also said to be an excellent stone for building confidence, attracting prosperity and optimism.

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crystals for the manifestation of rose quartz

Rose Quartz: Love expressed

Rose quartz is one of the first crystals I started working with when I began my journey in crystal healing and manifesting.

Its pink, soft and loving energy helps to show love. This is very helpful in increasing our ability to show love to ourselves, which of course affects our energy and makes us more receptive to love in general.

If you ever make a crystal grid for manifestation or want to carry a soft and gentle energy in your jewelry, rose quartz is a great ally.

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crystals for manifesting quartz

Clear Quartz: Strengthens intentions

Clear quartz is very cleansing and revitalizing. It is also said to be an amplifier of our intentions. Clear Quartz is one of those stones that can be programmed to help with almost anything, including manifestation.

It really supports spiritual growth by cleansing, healing and strengthening our intuition.

When using clear quartz crystals for manifesting – it is important to set your intention and ask it to help with what you are manifesting.

You can also ask him to assist you in the clearing process – the removal of anything that is not vibrationally aligned with the reality you desire.

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Black Obsidian: Clear Blocks of Manifestation

When I was in the fourth grade, we took a field trip to the Maidu (Nisenan) Museum. This experience greatly influenced the trajectory of my life and gave me access to perspectives and knowledge that I am still grateful for today… I can talk about this in another post, but I mention it because this is where I was first introduced to black obsidian.

While browsing the museum shop, I came across a black obsidian spearhead and was hooked.

I didn’t know much about its properties at the time, but I was intrigued nonetheless. I still have that little tip and know a lot more about it now than I did then!

Black Obsidian is a great crystal to use in your manifestation process because it helps clear blocks and protect you from negative energies that may be affecting your path.

If you feel like you’re constantly exhausted or foggy when you’re trying to express yourself – try using black obsidian to clear that energy. You can also ask him to protect your manifestations and send away anything that is not conducive to your highest good.

red crystals for manifestation

Red Jasper: Ground your manifestations

I’ve added jasper to this list of manifesting crystals because it’s so important to stay grounded.

When manifesting it is easy to try to work with/connect to the higher chakras…we talk about attraction and quantum leaping and universe and abundance, but none of this can be experienced without proper grounding in this (3D) reality.

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Grounding also relates to our ability to receive our manifestations in real time.

I recommend Jasper for this and to help you take action to achieve your goals.

crystals for manifesting green

Green Jade: Attracts success and prosperity

Green jade is another popular crystal for manifestation. It is widely used to attract luck, wealth and prosperity.

Green jade is one of those stones that is often used in feng shui for this very reason.

This is a great addition to your collection of manifestation crystals.

amethyst crystals for manifestation

Amethyst: Enhances intuition and heals blocks

When choosing crystals for manifestation, I like to recommend amethyst for its ability to clear maddened energy and connect us to deep wisdom and intuition.

I love sleeping with amethyst under my pillow and use it as a tool to help me remember my dreams (it’s a great way to stay in touch with your truth, heal on a deeper level, and strengthen my intuition).

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Moonstone: Manifests in alignment

When manifesting, it is important to stay in alignment with your truth. I find that manifestation works so much better when we focus on things that actually relate to our purpose and our ability to flourish as our true selves.

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Moonstone helps with this by keeping you aligned with your truth.

It is also a great stone for balancing feminine energy, which is the energy within us that is responsible for keeping us in flow and allowing us to fulfill our heart’s desires.

pyrite crystal for manifestation

Pyrite: Attracts luck, wealth and success

Pyrite is another well-known wealth stone. It attracts luck, wealth and success when used deliberately and practiced in practical manifestation.

Pyrite is also known as “fool’s gold” and has the ability to boost your confidence and willpower – both important qualities of manifestation!

Where to buy crystals for manifestation?

My favorite way to select and purchase crystals is in person at metaphysical stores. If you live in Sacramento, here are a few places where you can purchase crystals in person:

-Sunlight of the Spirit (Midtown Sacramento)

-Planet Earth Rising (Folsom)

-Zanzibar (Sacramento)

-Garden of Enchantment (Old Sac)

-Eternal Gifts (Roseville)

If you no in Sacramento and/or looking for good online stores, I recommend the following:

– Muse of energy

– Market of shamans

– Small rituals

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