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The best international schools in Barcelona

The best international schools in Barcelona

Here is a list of the most important and qualified international schools in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The biggest concern of parents is the health and well-being of their children after education. Parents who move to a place with a whole new environment find it harder, culture or language. Balancing between work and other responsibilities, parents are forced to trust references to the best international schools to accept their children.

The links are excellent, but carry the slopes of the conveyor belt, so you should try an independent but objective review of the best international schools in Barcelona.

1. Benjamin Franklin International School

BFIS offers the American Curriculum and Diploma IB. The school boasts a rich diversity spanning 50 different nationalities – a replica of Barcelona’s larger community. Training at BFIS is conducted in English with other languages ​​in Catalan, French and Spanish. BFIS can be reached by public transport and is located in the magnificent area of ​​Sarria Sant Gervasi. У BFIS students can access a variety of opportunities at meetings, field trips, festivals, clubs, cultural trips and more.

2. International School of Santa Clara

The Santa Clara International School boasts an incredible history spanning over fifty years as a higher education institution. Admiration for personalized education (due to the small class size ratio of 1:10) SCIS adheres to the Spanish international curriculum. The multilingual school has a rich diversity, with 50% from Barcelona and the other half from other parts of the world. Teachers are native and address students in the language they speak. Extracurricular activities – music, athletics, language, chess and others.

3. Peter’s School, Barcelona

A private international school that offers quality education from 12 months to 18 years. Of St. Peter provides a comprehensive academic experience aimed at getting its students to the most prestigious universities internationally, instilling values ​​of respect, character and uniqueness. The structure of the school covers first steps, high school, high school and diploma IB. Lessons are conducted in English, allowing students to expand their linguistic skills at all stages.

4. Ecole Ferdinand de Lesseps – Appendix

Ferdinand de Lesseps is an international private school that offers a French program for students aged 3 to 18 years. Founded in 1859, the school holds the title of the oldest French school on the Iberian Peninsula. Schooling in the Ferdinand de Lesseps takes place in two facilities: the extension of the Carrer València and the Grande École of Gran Via.

The Carrer annex has four children’s classes. The latter has a main body and a middle part to CM2 classes. Children in the outbuilding participate in activities such as music or tai chi.

Extracurricular activities on the Gran Via are optional and include sports activities such as dancing, tai chi at the Acció Sant Martí Karate Club, fencing at the Montjuïc Armory, karate at the Associació Cívica Cultura I Oci St. Martí, basketball, culture and science, et al.

5. American School of Barcelona

The American School of Barcelona enables students from preschool to 12th grade. As a leading European school, ASB is accredited by the International Bachelor Organization and the Association of Colleges and Schools of the Middle States.

It also belongs to the regional associations MAIS and ECIS, which ensure compliance with educational quality standards. School departments consist of early childhood, primary, secondary and secondary school. Students can participate in activities such as performing arts, fine arts, athletics, basketball, cheerleading, football, cross country, volleyball and soccer.

ASB has vibrant community service programs that develop their character and skills, for example, ES Rotakids has embarked on book donation campaigns in Africa.

6. British School of George

Located at the top of Barcelona, St. George’s is a private British school which teaches students from 2 years. The classes bring together students from 45 different nationalities, where English is taught by native language teachers.

St. George is working on a British national curriculum, maximizing local culture and a rich neighborhood. Students complete their studies with compulsory subjects such as Spanish or Catalan. The school boasts modern facilities such as art, music, a library and computer rooms.

7. International School of the EU

As an independent school of collaborative learning, ES International is an independent American school in Barcelona. Founded in 1999, the school offers training to first graders up to 12th grade. The school is an authorized IB World school that provides IB and PYP for grades 1-5. ESIS has an excellent extracurricular sports program for students.

8. AIS International School

AIS accepts students between the ages of 3 and 18 and is an authorized member of the British Council through the NABSS and the Education Department of the Generalitat Valenciana. School mainly accesses Level A and IGCSE. The school offers extracurricular activities such as drama, art, academic, art and others.

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