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The best international schools in Copenhagen

The best international schools in Copenhagen

The Danish capital Copenhagen is fighting for first place in the UN Happiness Index. The findings are based on the city’s excellent utilities, air quality and friendly residents. Here is a list of the best international schools in Copenhagen.

1. skc. Joseph Roskilde International School

Sanskrit Joseph International School offers quality education to students around Roskilde. The school operates on the Cambridge International system, which offers quality education between the ages of 5 and 16. Joseph is home to children of expatriates and mixed couples, Danish children who have lived abroad, and Danes who want their children to receive an international education. English is the language of instruction and class size averages 18. Skt. Joseph offers a multifaceted experience as more than 42 nationalities live here. Extracurricular and club activities include yoga, STEM, drama, rock bands and sports.

2. Rigards International School

As a private Christian educational institution of the Catholic faith, Rygaards International School stands out as a private center of collaborative education. The educational institution is subject to Danish law and receives a grant from the State of Denmark. The approach to learning is based on the English national curriculum, and tests such as the GCE O and IGCSE levels are conducted annually. Rygaards is a 15-minute drive from central Copenhagen in the attractive suburb of Hellerup. The school is easily accessible by bus or train. At Rygaards, the average class size is 24 students and a variety of students from more than 52 nationalities. There is no official school transport, but the public transport that connects the area is excellent, reliable and safe. Given the exemplary cycling infrastructure, most parents, teachers and students choose a bicycle.

3. Björn International School

Independent educational institution, Björn International School in Copenhagen offers exemplary training to its 160 students from 50 different nationalities. The school has 2 sections: the Danish section, where students receive a high school diploma, and the English section, where students take the IGCSE. Bjorn’s language of instruction is English for non-residents. Additional languages ​​are available – Danish and French. Extracurricular activities at the school – sports, music, excursions, music, school camps.

4. Hellerup International School

The Hellerup International School is IB World School, designed for ages 3 to 19 years. The school enrolls more than 500 students from more than 50 nationalities and offers all three international undergraduate programs: PYP, MYP and DP. Students receive excellent comprehensive training given a broad curriculum that offers a wide range of student activities. You can get to school through clean and safe bus lines and trains. Cycling is also very popular.

5. North Zealand International School

As a small private educational institution, North Zealand International School offers quality education to children aged 4 to 16 years. 30 teaching staff are highly qualified with teaching qualifications from the UK and America. NIS has a multi-ethnic population and is part of Denmark’s largest private school Nordsjællands Grundskole og Gymnasium (NGG). The language of instruction is English and additional languages ​​are Danish, French and Spanish from 7th grade. The Primary School offers the International Initial Program (IPC), which corresponds to the national program of England and Wales. The policy of schooling provides for the use in the classroom of laptops, iPads, information boards and smart boards. External exam grades are IGCSE.

6. Gymnasium Norre

The language of instruction on p Norre Gymnasium is English. As a high school, Nørre G has an impressive population of 1,100 people, most of whom are Danish, given the Danish Gymnasium and IB World School. External assessments of both the Stx Danish studentereksamen and the IB diploma are offered. Age groups in the school are 16 to 18 years old. The premises can be reached by public transport, especially by train S and bus.

7. Bayens Steiner School

Bayens Steiner School teaches Waldorf pedagogy for age groups 6 to 11 years. Waldorf education consists of three stages of learning: unstructured play in the image during the first 7 years, the next phase (kindergarten to high school), the development of creativity and thinking, and the final phase (14-21). ) stage of environmental awareness. General education is conducted in English, and other languages ​​- in Danish, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Extracurricular sports activities include dancing, movement, eurythmy and walking.


8. Birkerud Gymnasium

Birkerud Gymnasium it is a public school, so tuition is canceled. The school offers two national programs and an IB curriculum for children aged 15 to 18. It consists of HF, IB and a boarding school, which are a 25-minute train ride from central Copenhagen. Children are taught in English, and other languages ​​are Danish, French and Spanish. The school is predominantly Danish, but there are more than 50 different nationalities that ensure it maintains a lasting diversity. External exams are issued under The IB Diploma Program.

9. European School Copenhagen

As an international state-funded school, Copenhagen European School is under the control of the Municipality of Copenhagen. It accepts more than 1,000 students aged 5 to 18 who are taught in Danish and English, although French is also available. Since the public school fee has been abolished, it means that tuition is free. International exams issue a European Bachelor’s Certificate. ESC is an internationally accredited European school.

10. International Viking School

International Viking School is located at Agernhaven 2K, 2750 Ballerup. VIS offers your children a quality international education in English and Danish as a second language. The core program runs on the International Initial Curriculum (IPC).

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