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The best universities in the UK in Europe – POLITICO

The best universities in the UK in Europe - POLITICO

British universities have prepared their Spanish and Eastern European competitors in the latest list of the best higher education institutions in Europe, while Germany and the Scandinavian countries have also done well.

46 of Europe’s top 200 universities are in the UK Times Higher Education World ranking of universities released on Thursday, while Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London topped the top three.

The lowest country in terms of GDP was Russia, whose 79th place Lomonosov Moscow State University was its only entry in the top 100, followed by Spain with five in the top 200, leading the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 70th place. .

In Italy, there were 19 applications, although her high school, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, ranked 50th. Only two French educational institutions (Normal Higher School, which ranks 17th, and École Polytechnique, 43rd) entered the top 50.

The Belgian KU Leuven was the 12th best in Europe and the 35th in the world.

World ranking system believes learning environment, international worldview, research environment, citations and industry revenue (i.e. “how much research revenue an institution receives from industry [taking into account public-private partnerships]Universities must educate students and produce a minimum number of research papers that must be reviewed.

The UK was followed by Germany with 36 institutions in the list and 11 in the top 50, including the LMU of Munich (10th), the University of Heidelberg (13th), the University of Berlin Humboldt (15th) and the Technical University of Munich (16th).

The Scandinavian countries have done well given their smaller population. There were 11 applications in Sweden, and six in Finland and Denmark. The Carolingian Institute, Stockholm Medical University, ranked ninth in Europe and 28th in the world.

The United States had six places in the world’s top ten, including the California Institute of Technology in first place, but their dominance is declining due to stronger performances by the UK and Germany, as well as the Netherlands and Switzerland.

ETH Zurich – The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich was the fourth best university in Europe and ninth in the world, while the University of Wageningen and the Research Center in the Netherlands ranked 14th in Europe and 47th in the world.

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