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The best way to make a good first impression


“There is no second chance to make a good first impression”, as many scientists believe, most of the opportunities in our careers and lives happen not only because of our talent and skills alone, but because of the great first impression we make in situations. Fortunately, making a great first impression in our cases is not that difficult if we follow some important aspects. Here we have tried to explain some of them for your practice.
First, keep calm and listen.

People often want to be heard more, and especially in business discussions and interview situations, this is by far the most important etiquette. A good listener is an excellent strategist and can judge matters better than a single-minded person who is indifferent to the opinions of others. So during an interview, being a good listener can literally send the message that you value the opinions of others equally, which makes for a perfect first impression in the group.

Nice smile

A smile is so beautiful and priceless that it can almost make or break an opportunity. It is a natural way to express our approachability, mood and positive attitude. A smile can start a healthy conversation, and it can happen quickly, because it makes it easy for someone to approach you and start a discussion. Particularly in interview situations, it easily lends charm to our positive image. Also, you know what! It doesn’t cost a penny to have it. So, please try to put a nice smile on our face next time you interview!

Remember their names, please!

A name is the ideal form of identifying a person. Since we humans mostly remember situations in pictures, we tend to forget names more often than circumstances and physical features from our first interactions. Also, it’s an obvious fact that we all want to be remembered more, well known, and getting names wrong upsets the other person in such meetings. So the simple act of being more careful in remembering your loved one’s name is another good way to make a good impression in our situations or interviews.
Please be polite and well mannered

Basically, proper behavior and good manners go hand in hand. “Please, excuse me, thank you, welcome…”, although these words sound very ordinary, they never get old when it comes to creating an impression of your politeness in the eyes of another person. They somehow communicate your sense of empathy to a social situation and create the perfect first impression.
Always on time

Time is one of the most valuable and perishable assets that anyone has. When trying to make your first presentation, always try to be “on time” or at least “on time”. Its advantages are multifaceted and long-lasting. We all have unexpected delays and slip-ups on a regular basis, but above all, we have to be very careful with our schedule management. Punctuality conveys a sublime message about our punctuality, discipline, interest in the matter, etc.
Be openly positive

“No” takes a lot of positivity out of your mind and “Yes” fills you with a lot of positive energy. Try to keep your thinking forward rather than retrospective in your mind as you head into your first meeting. This clears mental blocks, if any, and prepares you to present yourself beautifully.

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