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The bidding process opens and the details of the capital grant are laid out for the next three financial years – FE News

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OfS has now opened the bidding process and laid out the details of the capital grant for the next three financial years. This information can be found here.

This document sets out the procedures for allocating the Office of Student Affairs (OfS) capital grants for the three financial years (April to March) 2022-23, 2023-24 and 2024-25.

We will allocate capital funding to relevant suppliers through two mechanisms:

  • £ 11 million through a distribution formula for 2022-23
  • £ 400 million through a single auction to be held in 2022, with capital money to be distributed over a three-year funding period from 2022-23 to 2024-2025. The competition is open to all suppliers who are registered (or have applied for registration) with us in the category “Approved” (fee reduction).

Education Minister Nadhim Zahavi said:

“The £ 450 million in capital funding we’ve announced is not just a mail check – it’s a passport to fantastic initiatives that improve facilities, upgrade buildings and supply the necessary equipment that significantly impacts students and improves our higher education. world-class education sector.

“Funding of £ 128 million last year has helped our outstanding universities make real investments across the country, such as the Space Center for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bradford and the refurbishment of the University of Wolverhampton School of Pharmacy.

“I would encourage every vendor to make a bold, ambitious bid that will allow them to teach critical life-changing subjects and give a boost to their local communities.”

More information on examples of last year’s successful applications:

  • Blackpool and Field College – £ 2,000,000: This project will contribute to the improvement of facilities, infrastructure and higher education programs at the four facilities. This will help facilitate rapid learning and expand the capacity of existing infrastructure to host a wider geography for a number of flexible higher education programs.
  • University of Brunel in London – £ 2,000,000:Funding will be used for equipment to modernize and improve teaching and learning in the fields of engineering, design, computer science, nursing and related medical professions. In particular, it will support digital manufacturing, aerospace and robotics / computer programming. In addition, nursing and allied professions will benefit from the refurbishment of existing infrastructure to create a nursing unit with eight departments and a simulation complex, as well as the acquisition of a number of plasticized specimens and anatomical models.
  • University of Bradford – £ 2,000,000: Funding will be used to support three different projects: Bradford Health – major expansion and development of facilities and equipment to support existing and growing healthcare providers and related healthcare entities; Space Artificial Intelligence Center – to co-finance the first phase of a fully equipped center to support the growth of the space industry in the region. A key feature of this proposal is to ensure adequate funding for large private donations; Architectural studio – creation of new study and training spaces for programs in the field of architectural technologies and architectural engineering.
  • University of Wolverhampton – £ 2,000,000: This project will support the reconstruction of the existing area to create a modern pharmaceutical school. The facility will include special equipment, flexible learning spaces that allow for interprofessional education, and audio-visual and tablet technology to support student-led learning

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