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The BVG application is collapsed, the DB is placed on additional trains


As a pre-sale for the long-awaited Ticket 9 euros Deutsche Bahn and transport associations in Germany were inundated with demand.

The DB website and the BVG app go down with the start of ticket sales for 9 euros

Tickets costing 9 euros have been on sale across Germany since Monday morning, and enthusiasm from the discounted subscription on public transport was, as expected, huge. Deutsche Bahn said it sold about 50,000 tickets on digital channels on Monday morning alone in demand through the Internet so high that his website was repeatedly congested and slow.

У Berlin and Brandenburg, where tickets are sold for the third day, has already purchased more than 130,000 tickets. A lot of people tried to get tickets through them mobile phones that the BVG program was overloaded and stopped showing travel on people’s transportation. The operator asked for patience until he solved the problem.

Hamburg started selling tickets on Friday afternoon. More than 56,000 tickets were sold in the first 24 hours via the app and online, according to the Hamburger Verkehrsbund.

DB Regio is laying out additional trains to cope with demand

The special ticket offers a monthly unlimited number of trips in regional transport in Germany for only 9 euros and will be available for three months this summer.

To cope with additional demand, Deutsche Bahn’s regional subsidiary, DB Regio, has announced that it will slightly increase regional transport capacity from June. “DB Regio is releasing more than 50 additional trains for the expected increase in passenger numbers from June 1,” the spokesman said. First of all trains will go on tourist routes.

“We are preparing and literally moving everything we have – trains, buses and service personnel,” said boss Jörg Sandvoak, adding that supply could be too high if demand is too high. “First of all, taking a bike with you is not always guaranteed, especially since many excursions are spontaneous and depend on the weather“he said.

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