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The case of the leak of the SSC examination paper has been protested, the CBI has ordered to investigate


The latest news about SSC Scam in India. The alleged SSC scam and the SSC paper leak case have attracted a CBI study. The CGLE Tier II paper leak created a lot of chaos, forcing the SSC to invite a probe. The MOE in the Prime Minister’s Office has officially agreed to an investigation by the CBI into the SSC paper leak case.

Following the decision of the Personnel Selection Committee to conduct an inspection of the CBI, the indignation of the candidates on social networks continued. Following the alleged leak of the SSC paper, Document I was revoked by the SSC for further investigation.

SSC Scam: SSC is dealing with a bigger problem

While the specific case being investigated and investigated is the current paper leak, the real problem could be much greater. There are more and more cases of paper leaks, mass frauds and similar problems related to competitive exams, which put the whole essence and purpose at stake. These competitive exams are in a sense the basis for the very future of the country, so in a broader sense these cases, such as the current paper leak, affect the whole nation.

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The Personnel Selection Commission, for example, recruits staff from various government organizations and central agencies. It is also a recruitment step for future subordinate officials. Thus, cases of fraud and those involved can occupy such important positions for the whole nation, not the contenders.

The GDR Case Investigation and Outrage

Approximately 200,000 applicants are hoping to pass the SSC CGL Tier II exam. The exam was canceled after readings with answers were found in a toilet in one of the examination centers in Delhi, and a case of mass deception and negligence was declared. At another SSC examination center, Bhopal, several candidates reported that answers to questions had been pre-marked, leading to the cancellation of the exam. Since then, the candidates have been protesting in front of the SSC office in New Delhi, demanding a CBI investigation.

The demands were accepted and the Personnel Selection Committee and the Government of India gave the green light to the CBI investigation.

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