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The Chairman of the Student Office did not know that he shared the platform with a far-right journalist | University


Chairman of the University Regulator of England, who was criticized for participating in Fr. conference in Hungary on the same platform as a well-known far-right journalist accused of anti-Semitism, he said he did not know who he was speaking to.

James Wharton, chairman of the Office of Student Affairs (OFS), spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (Cpac) via video message last Friday, the same day Yellow Bayera talk show host who called Jews “smelly excrement” called gypsies “animals” and used racial epithets to describe black people.

In a letter to OfS staff, Lord Wharton, who led Boris Johnson’s campaign, said he was unaware that Bayer was also speaking at the event. “Even if I had known,” he continued, “I had never heard of him.”

The letter continued: “It goes without saying that I do not have time for racist or anti-Semitic views of any kind, and whatever he adheres to, because his views certainly do not correspond to mine.”

Wharton met with Jewish students who expressed concern about his participation in the conference and assured that he would continue to ensure that OfS is at the forefront of the fight against racism and anti-Semitism. “I hope you all accept the same assurance and my continued commitment to upholding freedom of speech and academic freedom,” he wrote to OfS staff.

However, the letter does not mention his explicit support during his pre-recorded video address at a conference on the recent re-election of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who was the keynote speaker on the first day and was accused of erosion. democratic freedoms after coming to power in 2010.

The Jewish Students Union (UJS) said Wharton apologized for any concerns his video message caused among Jewish students. “UJS was assured of his commitment to future participation, as well as the sincerity of his apologies and his hope to continue working together to support Jewish students,” the statement said.

Other speakers at the conference included Jack Pasabets, a far-right American blogger who has used anti-Semitic symbolismformer US president Donald Trumpand former Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

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