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The Dublin United School District Council has approved a master plan for the facilities Dublin News

 The Dublin United School District Council has approved a master plan for the facilities  Dublin News

DUBLIN – The Board of Trustees of the United School District of Dublin (DUSD) approved a new Master Plan of Facilities (FMP) at its regular meeting on Tuesday, April 12th.

The FMP – which provides a plan to meet the changing school district’s needs – was approved 3-2, with trustees Dan Scherrier and Gabi Blackman voting against. Both expressed concern about changes to the plan after its latest version was unveiled in February.

The staff explained that FMP is allocating funds for improvements but does not specify the details of the facility plan. The new FMP allows for the modernization of school facilities and the district office, including the completion of Emerald High School, the new Dublin Crossings High School, the modernization and improvement of Murray and Dougherty Primary Schools, the Dublin Primary School Modernization and overall safety and technology improvements.

Noting that the plan’s approval is a “great step in the right direction,” DUSD Public Information Officer Chip Denert said the city’s growth in recent decades is a challenge in creating the facilities needed to give students the best educational experience. The previous plan was finalized in 2016 and needed to be updated.

“This plan is a reflection of Dublin, which exists now, and the expected growth that we have. It is a much clearer reflection of our needs and thus a better guide for future development than the previous plan, ”he said.

However, Scherrier, who serves as council president, expressed dissatisfaction with changes to plans to house several district schools – particularly Murray’s primary school – compared to plans presented at the previous meeting.

“In June (2021), we were presented with four versions of Murray: options A, B, C and D,” said Sherry. “(Staff) came back with this in September 2021 and we were going to make option D. Then, in February of this year, they showed us a master plan of the facilities, which is all outlined, and there was a playing field for the students. Then, on Tuesday night, they developed a new master plan of facilities, which was basically an option in which there was no playing field for students. It’s the employees putting the needs of the staff before the needs of the students ”.

Scherer noted that by keeping the office building for staff at Murray’s place, instead of leaving room for the field, staff challenged the council’s preliminary decision on the plan. Blackman repeated his feelings.

During the meeting, staff explained that the changes were based on community feedback and budget constraints. Zone 1 trustee Christine Pelham said specific construction plans for each site are not part of the FMP’s features.

“The master plan of the facilities is an overview, it identifies five major projects for which we have allocated funding, but the features – what these buildings will look like – have not yet been determined,” she said. “There was something back and forth on the Murray site plan, but the master plan of the facilities is much more. This is just a road map, not every detail, and we are happy to move forward in its implementation. “

Thomas Moore, Assistant Head of Facilities, Planning and Construction, explained that FMP provides an implementation plan with budgets and targets for existing funding, as well as guidance for future projects. It is designed to ensure efficient and effective allocation of district resources, he said. Moore further stressed that this is a “living document”.

“That is, it is a guide that will help us assess future needs,” Moore continued. “It also serves the purpose of securing a plan to sell the existing bond funds that we have. If future funds become available, or future bonds appear, we will use the facility master plan as a guide to determine which projects should be prioritized and funded at a later date. ”

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