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First Line Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if, instead of judging a book by its cover, author, or prestige, we judged it by its first few lines?

  • Select a book from your bookshelf (this can be your current read or in your TBR) and open it to the first page.
  • Copy the first few lines, but don’t announce anything about the book yet – you need to hook the reader first.
  • Finally… open the book!

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful week. It’s been my first few days back to work after 11 days off and I’m already itching to be on vacation again! This week’s book is one of the most anticipated books of the year and a novel I just know I’m going to love.

– By the way, you can get leprosy from armadillos.

Okay…that’s definitely one of the weirdest first lines I’ve ever read, but it made me even more excited to get my hands on this book! Ready to find out what it is if you haven’t already guessed what it is!

Bee Koenigswasser, as the vengeful purple-haired Jedi who brings balance to the human universe, lives by a simple code: What would Marie Curie do? If NASA had offered her to lead a neuroengineering project—a literal dream come true after years of washing academic crumbs—Marie would have accepted without hesitation. So. But the mother of modern physics never got to rule with Levi Ward.

Of course, Levi is attractive with tall, dark and piercing eyes. And of course he held her in his strong arms like the hero of a romance novel when she accidentally died in agony on her first day in the lab. But Levi made his feelings about Bea very clear in grad school — archenemies do best in their own galaxies far, far away.

Now her equipment is missing, the staff ignores her, and Bee believes her career is failing. Maybe it’s her occipital cortex playing tricks on her, but Bee could swear she can see Levi becoming an ally, supporting her games, supporting her ideas…devouring her with those eyes. And all her neurons can fire. But when the time comes to actually take the plunge and put your heart on the line, there’s only one question that matters: What will Bee Koenigswasser do?

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