Home Education The free Poptential program ™ enlivens the story for Independence Day

The free Poptential program ™ enlivens the story for Independence Day

The free Poptential program ™ enlivens the story for Independence Day

INDIANOPOLIS, India – (May 6, 2022) – Potential ™A family of free social science course packages that combines media-pop culture with an interesting digital story, provides teachers and students with rich media lessons about the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence celebrated on July 4. Click to write a tweet.

“While the Declaration of Independence was adopted 246 years ago, the heroes who drive the birth of our nation are coming to life in a mass culture that attracts today’s students who know digital technology and can make teaching more effective and relevant,” said Fred Fransen. . , CEO of Certell, Inc., a manufacturer of Poptential.

Potential courses, employing more than 30,000 teachers in 50 states, include everything teachers need to teach a subject, available digitally in one place, including lessons, ebooks, bells, quizzes and tests, and the media Pop culture information for lessons is interesting and friendly to students. Curriculum packages are based on standards and developed by social studies teachers.

A a study conducted by Project Tomorrow® shows that 90% of teachers who use Poptential say it increases their effectiveness in the classroom, and 84% of students say that links to pop culture help them learn.

Teachers can use Poptential to enhance the lessons of the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence in several ways:

Loyalty test – In the years before the American Revolution, there were three groups of ideas about the idea of ​​colonial independence: loyalists, patriots and colonists. Module 3 of the e-book American History Poptential includes Clip from the movie “Patriot” illustrates the various parties discussing the war with England.

The struggle for freedom is more than one way – Module 3 of the e-book American History Poptential also includes video by Karim Abdul-Jabar discussing his documentary Black Patriots, which covers the efforts and actions of black Americans who fought for independence.

Constitutional law – In 1775, American colonists came to the conclusion that a new system of government based on constitutional law was needed to relieve 13 colonies of the economic burden of British rule. Module 3.1 of the e-book American History Poptential includes A clip from the HBO series John Adamsemphasizing his address to the colonies, which emphasizes the need for the American Revolution to create a free country based on the laws of the republic.

My shot – The famous “arrow heard all over the world” that started the American Revolution is reflected in an audio file from the musical Hamilton in module 3.2 of the e-book Poptential on American History.

Declaration of Independence – Lead to the War of Independence, 13 colonies voted for independence, 12 for independence and one abstained, declaring the release of the United States from Britain and the right of the American peoples to form a new government. Module 3.2 of the e-book American History of Poptential contains another Clip from the John Adams series carry out the proclamation.

Potential course packages on American history, world history, US government / civil affairs, and economics are available free of charge at www.certell.org.

About Certell, Inc.

Certell is a non-profit organization 501 (c) 3 whose mission is to educate a generation of independent thinkers. More than 30,000 faculty members from across the United States have signed up to use the Certell Poptential family of free social science courses, and thousands more students cover Certell courses at the College of Law and Economics, as well as SensibleSchool instructions тніх for home students, staff and inmates. Certell is a finalist in the EdTech Digest Awards for Curricula and Learning Solutions, was named the best Tech & Learning tool to return to school in 2021, is a Tech Edvocate 2021 finalist and received the Bronze Award for Excellence in 2021 from the National Association of Teachers of Economics . Go to the page for more information certell.org or on Twitter @CertellOrg.

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