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The Georgia Council will reduce the role of teachers in the presidential quest

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The Georgia Council of Regents is ready to vote today on a proposed policy change that will reduce the role of teachers in presidential searches. The current policy of the council states that the institutional search commission should consist of representatives of the council, the chancellor of the system or representatives of the chancellor, teachers, alumni, students and the community, with “the teaching staff consisting of the largest number of members of the institution”. With regard to general education universities, public universities and public colleges, in particular, current policy also says that “the Chancellor should appoint a lecturer who will act as chairman of the Commission on Institutional Search”.

Proposed policy removes the reference to the faculty members who make up the largest number of members of the institution and removes the requirement for a faculty member to be appointed chair of research committees in non-research institutions (currently and in line with the proposed policy, the regent institutions).

The university system did not respond to a request for comment. American University Teachers Association doomed the university system this year is due to controversial changes in the post-post grading system that allow firing full-time faculty without checking faculty. The council also faced criticism this year for appointing former Georgia Gov. Sony Purdue system chancellor objections from faculty and students.

Matthew Bodie, an associate professor of rhetoric and composition at the University of Northern Georgia and president of the AAUP Georgia, said the proposed change “is a huge slap in the face to joint governance and other principles the AAUP calls for in all schools concerning presidential searches. – Under the porch of the AAUP for not only violating the term of office, but also performing it in a way that ignores the contribution of teachers, this is a brazenly autocratic way to act. [board] is now going to repeat for all his schools the kind of closed-door search he conducted for Mr. Purdue. What a shameless act of silence of teachers. “

The Board of Trustees of Mississippi State Higher Education Institutions last month secretly approved policy changes that leave the presidential search and selection process on campus almost entirely behind proxies.

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