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The Gift of Rejection – George Kuras


I love this video on The Gift of Renunciation by Jia Jiang about “rejection therapy” not only for the smile it gave, but also for the power of its message:

@wearetalkit Jia Jiang – Gift of Rejection #motivational #inspirational #explore #fyp ♬ original sound – We are Talk It

I’m going to start asking for burger refills!

There is talk of handing it over.

As someone who talks for a living, Jia Chan’s ability to take me from laughter to tears in seconds is a special gift and reminds me that speaking is an art form.

Now to the message.

This quote really struck me:

“These people didn’t let rejection define them. They let their own reaction to rejection define themselves, and they accept rejection.”

Jia Jiang

Some of the best things that have happened in my life have been the result of me asking for something I initially thought was out of reach.

I distinctly remember asking my superintendent several years ago to create a central office level job for me that I felt was necessary for our schools. I remember him laughing at me for my boldness and saying no. Even though my request was denied, I left the office without embarrassment or a second thought.

Two months later, he offered me the opportunity to create and accept a job that would change my professional and personal trajectory.

It’s easy to think that we must lose when asked for something that may seem beyond our reach. And it is often worth considering. We often have to lose a little pride, perhaps embarrassment, but in reality, asking for a raise rarely resulted in immediate dismissal. I’m sure it happened, but much less in our heads than in practice.

But what we often don’t think is enough that we should get at the risk of feeling rejected?

Regret is often a product of risk did not do take, not the other way around.

I loved this video because it’s a powerful reminder of how letting go of the fear of rejection can open doors within our reach.

(I want to start adding some questions for discussion at the end of these posts, which you can either respond to in the blog comments section below, or use for personal reflection or professional learning. It might not work, but there’s no better time to try something new than after writing this post!)

Questions for discussion

  1. When have you risked rejection, personally or professionally, and it didn’t pay off?
  2. When have you risked being rejected personally or professionally and it resulted in something positive in your life?
  3. This video will be great for discussing with students how they can expand their opportunities in learning and life. In addition to the above, what two questions could accompany this video during a class discussion?

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