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The growing demand for German passports before the holidays is leading to increased waiting times

The growing demand for German passports before the holidays is leading to increased waiting times

With pandemic restrictions lifted and summer vacation just a few weeks later, there has been a recent surge in demand for German passportsleading to a long wait for applicants and local authorities demanding infrastructure improvements.

Demand for German passports is growing rapidly

citizens of Germany nationwide seek to take advantage of relaxed restrictions on coronavirus and finally enjoy a proper holiday summerwhich is manifested in a significant increase in demand for passports.

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior confirmed that the increase in demand for passports is mainly due to the easing of restrictions on coronavirus. “In addition, due to the reunification in 1990, one can expect an increase in the number of passport applications every 10 years. [as these passports expire]”- said the spokesman. This increase in the number of passport applications was expected in 2020 and 2021, but due to the pandemic Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printing House) is only now experiencing a surge.

Growing demand for passports has led to increased waiting times. The figures of the ministry show that the average production time (including postal and delivery) for passports increased from 10.1 working days in January 2022 to 18 working days in April. Before that coronavirus pandemic, citizens could wait for passports from 9.4 to 10 days. Demand for the production of express passports has also risen sharply (where the document is ready in three working days).

A passport is now required to travel to the UK

Another reason for the increased demand for passports in Germany is that from 2021 as a result Brexit, Germans can no longer travel to the UK using their identity cards. EU citizens now need passports to travel to the UK.

Due to the increase in the number of passport meetings, citizens are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. In some cities, increased demand and long waiting times have reportedly increased the number of people over the age of 16 without a valid ID. Authorities expect a reduction in waiting times when demand finally declines, and this should happen no later than the summer holidays.

Direct delivery of passports and temporary registration points

This was reported in the Interior Ministry Bundesdruckerei is currently considering delivering passports directly to the applicant’s address. Association of Cities in North Rhine-Westphalia has long called for this to be implemented: “It saves collection [the passport] in the office and thus relieves the administration and citizens, “said Managing Director Helmut Daddy. The ministry did not name a date when this could happen, with federal states remaining responsible for local passport and identity authorities.

To cope with the increased demand for passports, the NRW City Association has announced the creation of a temporary registration officesextend working hours and optimize the distribution and processing of meetings.

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