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The Inner Circle MBA consulting company is launched


Inner Circle MBAled by the former Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Leadership Programs London School of BusinessBret Hunter said there is “a gap in the market for recruitment consultants that goes beyond a candidate’s resume to understand their motivations and goals”.

The Inner Circle MBA combines psychometric testing with industry experience to guide candidates in the MBA process

“The MBA is a huge investment for most people and has the potential to change lives,” he said.

The first step in the path that defines counseling is to create a clear picture of career success and then “build an individual strategy for the entire path of the MBA person”.

Hunter, who also previously chaired the admissions committees at the London School of Business as well Colombian Business School and HKU Business School through the EMBA-Global partnership program at the London School of Business, noted that the Inner Circle “not only helps people get this letter of acceptance”.

“I believe that the admission phase is largely part of the MBA path and needs to be done properly to maximize post-MBA opportunities,” he added.

“An MBA is a huge investment for most people and has the potential to change lives.”

“Of course, based on my experience, I know what it takes to be admitted to a top-level MBA program, and I can help candidates tell a story that fits what the top-level MBA program wants. But more importantly, I want to get it out of the people. ”

Inner Circle focuses on international students, as most non-US MBA applicants seek programs outside their home countries, he told The PIE.

“Given the nature of the global MBA market, my clients are technically from anywhere in the world,” he said. “There are some markets for MBA applicants that are larger than others, and the bulk of my clients will be from the US, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Benelux, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina and India.”

While the best European schools typically accept about 30-35% of entrants, in the US admission to high-choice schools varies from 6.2% at Stanford GSB and 12.5% ​​at Harvard Business Schooland up 35.5% at UT Austin McCombs, Hunter noted.

Other consultants – such as Fortuna Admissions, Stacy Blackman Consulting, mbaMission, and other independent consultants – cover market share.

Inner Circle packages specialize in modules on personal branding, resume writing, storytelling, essay writing, interview skills, and application verification services with individual prices based on bronze, silver and gold.

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