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Scientists from the University of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are creating a high-tech robot designed to simulate human movements, reminiscent of something from the epic science fiction film “Avatar”.

The humanoid robot – which can be a bomb disposal tool but can also be expanded in other areas – is designed to give your operator the same control and feel as if they were using their own limbs, allowing them to feel everything they touch. .

The first phase of the project was developed, designed and built by Dr. Fadi Alnajar, Associate Professor of Information Technology at the UAE, and his team of specialists, as well as the United Arab Emirates Air Force, which provided initial funding of 55,000 dirhams. stages of self-directed, robotic creation.

In the movie “Avatar” human bodies with remote control are used to interact with the inhabitants of the distant moon. Despite all the futurism in the film, the basic premise of this form of robot control is closer than you think. And, as Dr. Alnajar explains, the project he controls can bring a new dimension to robotics because of its superiority over conventional robots that are remotely controlled and have limitations.

It is designed to give your user the ability to feel that he is touching or holding an object without actually being there. “Currently, the only way to sense a situation with a robot is sight – there is no sensory or tactile feedback from the environment,” he said. “Also, the user will control the robot’s hand only with a remote control tool, but that’s not what with a hand – it doesn’t give the same level of freedom, such as how far you need to open your hand and hold on. When we control our own hand, we don’t need to think about such things; we don’t need to consider how much freedom we need, how far to open our fingers to hold the cup, or to open and close the door. Our brain automatically controls this movement. “

The UAEU project aims to, as Dr. Alnajar explained, allow the person in control to simply act naturally to control the robot. “We create sensors that the operator can wear, and then all they have to do is move as if they were actually robots,” he said.

“They don’t need to think about how they have to bend over to use the controller – they’re just moving normally, and the robot mimics that movement. A person will have more control if he / she feels that he / she is actually using his / her own hand, ”he / she said.

Contact: www.uaeu.ac.ae/be

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