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The law on a minimum wage of 12 euros eliminates the first obstacle in Germany

The law on a minimum wage of 12 euros eliminates the first obstacle in Germany

A new law on the minimum wage, which will increase wages by millions workers in Germany overcame its first hurdle by receiving the green light from the Bundestag’s Social Affairs Committee.

The draft law on raising the minimum wage in Germany to 12 euros is the first step

Bill to increase the minimum wage in Germany to 12 euros per hourprepared by Labor Minister Hubertus Hale, was approved on Wednesday by the Social Affairs Committee, according to information from dpa.

“The decision of the committee set the course,” said Dagmar Schmidt, a member of the SPD faction. dpa. “The minimum wage of 12 euros is a big step.” She said the government also signed aid packages and crisis measures to unload consumers in current conditions rising prices“At the same time, it is important to stabilize revenues, as this is the basis for all employees.”

Andreas Audrech, deputy chairman of the Greens’ parliamentary group, said: “This is an increase in wages for more than 6 million people, and due to rising prices it is more important and urgent than ever … Today’s decision is a strong sign of greater justice in Germany ”.

Raising the minimum wage still requires the approval of the Bundestag

The minimum wage in Germany currently stands at 9.82 euros per hour, being increased at the beginning of the yearand there is July 1, 2022 will rise again to 10.45 euros per hour. The new law provides for an increase in the legislative minimum for the third time in a year, on October 1, to 12 euros per hour.

The traffic light government is also passing a law to change wage limits for so-called mini-works. From October 1, the limit will be increased from 450 to 520 euros per month – any income below this threshold will be exempt from taxation and contributions to Social security.

The bill still requires approval in the Bundestag and Bundesrat. It is unclear when this topic will be put on the agenda, but all three parties of the traffic light coalition were clear that it should be done soon.

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