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The Maine Senate has expressed 2 votes of no confidence

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On Wednesday, the University of Maine Senate in August issued two no-confidence resolutions: one on University of Maine Chancellor Danelo Maloy and the other on the recently completed UMA presidential search, which members called for repeal due to alleged ethical violations. .

UMA faculty members held a vote Wednesday night after learning that Malloy and other senior officials of the university system never reported The Augusta Presidential Search Committee that Michael Laliberte, man hired in Aprilreceived two votes of no confidence on his previous job as president of New York State University in Delhi.

The minutes of the October session of the Senate of SUNY Delhi College mentioned financial conflicts, problems of general management and allegedly disrespectful and violent culture in the workplace as reasons for the vote of no confidence in Lalibert.

Teachers at the University of Maine system expressed anger after the opening earlier this week. In a letter released Tuesday, faculty union president Jim McClimer wrote that “the system and leadership … abused the trust of all members of the UMA community who trusted an honest search process.”

In a press release issued the morning after the vote, Maloy promised to review the search policy for the president and vice-chancellor to “require candidates to state whether they have ever been the object of a vote of no confidence.”

Melloy also said he would discuss faculty senate decisions with the university’s executive committee “as soon as possible”.

“I understand how serious this is a problem for the university and the system, and I will work with everyone at UMA to restore confidence in me,” Maloy wrote.

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