Home Education The Mississippi School Board supported the shooting of the book “New Examples”.

The Mississippi School Board supported the shooting of the book “New Examples”.

The Mississippi School Board supported the shooting of the book

BYRAM, Miss. (AP) – Mississippi teacher who was fired for reading a children’s book entitled “I need a new …

BYRAM, Miss. (AP) – Mississippi educator who was fired for reading a children’s book called “I Need a New Ass!” the sophomore says he will go to court to try to get his job back.

Toby Price told Clarion Ledger that on Monday he received a 12-page order showing that the Hinds County School Board in late April voted 2-1 for the headmaster’s decision to fire him in March. He was an assistant principal at Gary Road Primary School in the Jackson suburb of Bayram.

Price was initially suspended from his salary, but was later fired after reading the book via Zoom. Don McMillan’s book describes a child’s journey to find a new ass. It is illustrated with cartoons showing a character looking at an armored butt, a rocket butt and a robot butt.

While Price was appealing, Superintendent Delesia Martin called the book “inappropriate” because it shows “private parts of the body.”

Price, an educator for two decades, described the book as “stupid” and said, “Children joke when they read it.”

Teachers are receiving more attention across the country – especially in Republican-led states – while advocates are pushing for problems and book bans in an attempt to limit student teaching to certain subjects, especially racism, sexuality and gender.

After reviewing the appeal, the school board met on April 28 and heard Price, his lawyers and school district officials. Council members then held a closed meeting and, when two of the five members abstained, voted to dismiss him.

“He sees no problem with the school administrator reducing the nudity of both adults and children by exposing them to children under his care,” the council wrote. “At the very least, it makes kids think that all kinds of actions don’t have to worry about them being just funny. However, these activities are dangerous for children. “

It was written on the board, “I need a new ass!” showed inappropriate actions, such as drawing an adult on a child’s open day, an activity that requires a report to the State Department of Social Services for child abuse or neglect, the council wrote.

Price’s attorney listed other books in the school library that have similar themes or illustrations, including “Captain’s Rabbits.”

Price posted a short poem on Twitter, referring to the supervisor’s decision, saying, “Price’s work in education lasted almost twenty years / All it took was one stupid book to end his career. / Giving such power to one individual / will only worsen education and training. “

He then posted an update: “Two voted for.” One voted against. The two said nothing. So Price had to go. ”

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