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The NCAA seeks to limit the role of boosters in funding athletes

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Board of Directors of Division I of the National University Sports Association issued instructions on Monday which aims to limit the role that boosters associated with sports programs can play in programs that compensate players for the use of their name, image, and likeness.

NCAA court decisions have forced athletes to profit from marketing their similarities, contrary to his many years of efforts to limit athletes ’compensation to things that protect their“ amateur ”status. But as many institutions have adopted such policies, many appear to include accelerators – graduates and other sports fans who have often given money to attract players, and whose influence the NCAA has long sought to contain.

The lack of NCAA leadership created a situation that some compare to the Wild West.

In releasing the new guide, the NCAA has announced that “team teams” that have earned compensation for athletes for name, image, and similarity in a particular athletics program may be considered “accelerators” who have historically been banned from helping recruit athletes for university or provide benefits to enrolled or enrolled athletes. members of their families.

“The Board of Directors of Division I has taken the first significant step to address some of the issues and misconduct that exist in the name, image, and similarities that may violate our long-standing hiring rules,” said Jerry Morehead, president of the University of Georgia. . “While the NCAA may pursue the most egregious violations that clearly contradicted the provisional policies adopted last summer, our focus is on the future. The new leadership sets a common set of expectations for Division I institutions moving forward, and the board expects all Division I agencies to follow our rules. hire and act within those reasonable expectations. ”

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