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The new wellness center will be a “beacon of light” for students – FE News

The new wellness center will be a

Plymouth City College welcomed on Thursday the head of NHS Trust University Hospitals Trust Ann James to open its new welfare center.

The new center, called The Lighthouse Wellbeing Center, is an integral part of the college’s strategic actions in health and wellness, and will combine a wide range of student support services.

Plymouth City College Executive Director Jackie Grab said:

“We believe that the workforce of the future cannot be created in a college without a holistic approach to education. Not only do we develop the skills and knowledge needed for students ’future careers, we strive to improve their health, well-being and confidence so that they are ready to go out and actively contribute to the local economy and their community.”

The Lighthouse Wellness Center, named by the students, will host important pastoral support from the college, mental health and counseling teams, and provide a safe place for students who may struggle with their emotions or anxieties.

Jackie added: “We are here primarily for our students and we would not have been able to create this new center without their participation. We thought it was important for our students to feel a sense of belonging to this facility, so we asked them to choose a name.

“We received some brilliant offers, but in the end chose The Lighthouse Wellbeing Center. Lighthouses are widely considered symbols of hope and security, and we also enjoyed honoring the iconic Smith Tower in Plymouth. We hope that this center will be a light for those students who need support. “

The Lighthouse Wellness Center is just one of several ways students can seek help for their health and well-being. All students can access 24-hour support through Health Assured, and the college has begun using the platform to develop Fika’s mental fitness skills as part of its weekly curriculum.

NHS Trust Chief Executive Officer Anne James said:

“It’s a fantastic development to support students. The focus on well-being is a beacon for the future, and again City College, Plymouth, is at the forefront of holistic student support. ”

City College students also have access to a free gym and a range of wellness activities, and the college has its own food bank, which was recently renamed the CityPlym Community Support Center, which provides food, clothing, hygiene, baby products, pet food and household items for those who are facing financial difficulties.

Learn more about college support services, including the new Lighthouse Wellness Center, by visiting cityplym.ac.uk.

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