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The Northern Idaho Armed Forces College could lose an insurer

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Citing “many factors” such as “increased risk”, the insurer decided not to extend the policy with Northern Idaho College. Coeur d’Alene Press reported Wednesday.

The insurer, the Idaho County Risk Management Program, was created by local governments that seek to insure property and accident insurance for government organizations, according to its website.

NIC’s policy includes general, property and employee responsibilities, the newspaper writes. The policy expires in late June. However, interim President Michael Sebaali said Coeur d’Alene Press that the college has complied with the requirements of its agreement with the insurer, which may prompt the Board of Trustees to appeal the cancellation of the NIC policy.

The possible loss of an insurer is one of the many recent problems at North Idaho College, where the state is located appointed three members last week joined his board after the two resigned, leaving the college without a quorum. These departures took place in the middle constant conflict among board members on many issues, including on the dismissal of former President Rick McLennan for no reason in September, which eventually led to almost Calculation of $ 500,000.

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