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The number of coronavirus cases remains low, but they are growing

The number of coronavirus cases remains low, but they are growing

The numbers remain low – especially compared to winter – but the number of childhood coronavirus cases increased last week.

The state has registered 103 new cases of coronavirus involving adolescents aged 5 to 17 years.

Last week the figure was 44.

However, in late January the peak outbreak of the omicron variant, weekly cases involving school-age children reached nearly 3,000. In late September, during the delta variant outbreak, the incidence of children reached about 1,500 per week.

Current figures are mixed in the state’s three largest school districts:

  • The Boise County School reported 62 positive cases last week, unchanged from the previous week. Two weeks ago, Boise schools reported only 26 new cases.
  • The Western Hell School District reported only one active case on Sunday involving a high school student.
  • The Nampa County School reported six new cases last week, up from eight the previous week.

The overall incidence of coronavirus in Idaho also increased last week.

Last week, the state counted 1,049 new cases compared to 806 the previous week.

Again, this is a modest increase; Weekly cases peaked at around 20,000 during the omicron surge in January.

Another key indicator is moving in the wrong direction. For the week ended May 7, 5% of coronavirus tests tested positive with 3.2%. The figure of 5% is a turning point; an indicator above this threshold indicates that the outbreak is out of control.

However, hospitalization remains stable.

On Wednesday, the state reported 44 hospitalizations with COVID-19 and eight hospitalizations in intensive care, according to the latest figures. No pediatric patients were hospitalized with COVID-19.

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