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The one question all businesses with Douglas Spencer should ask themselves


(Last updated: July 30, 2022)

Douglas Spencer is president and chief brand strategist at Spencer Brenneman, LLC, which helps companies articulate who they are at their core, what they want to sound and look like, and how best to bring that to life. He is also the author of Do They Care? The one question all brands should be constantly asking themselves is the book that shows business leaders how they can create meaningful connections with customers, employees and others. Douglas often talks about how strong brands improve business performance through strategic alignment, employee engagement, brand management, verbal and visual identity, and more.

where you can find Douglas Spencer:

Some topics to talk about:
Messaging strategy
Define your core messages
Choose the marketing channel with the most relevance

Do they care? The book

Other resources:
Secrets of the funnel: Learn how to create a funnel that converts

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