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The pilot qualification for the installation of rain cover begins – FE News

The pilot qualification for the installation of rain cover begins - FE News

ORGANIZATION ProQual and a provider of a platform for learning in digital format Tequ came together to qualify for the installation of rain cover for specific work designed to help as soon as possible eliminate the current shortage of trained and qualified professionals in the construction industry.

Findings after the Grenfell Tower crash in June 2017 found that a total of 477 high-rise apartment buildings and state-owned buildings have cladding made of aluminum composite material, such as that used on the tower, which would need remove.

Due to the fact that the Law on Construction Safety and the Law on Fire Safety require even more work to restore the cladding, it is important to eliminate the lack of trained and qualified professionals to install rain cladding in the construction industry.

The partnership between ProQual and Tequ is supported by the Construction Industry Training Council (CITB) and provides the first digital delivery with the ability to learn in a flexible way that meets the student’s needs. The new qualification – called the ProQual Level 2 Award in Rainscreen cladding installation – will be assessed by approved ProQual training providers through the innovative Tequ learning platform.

Using a blended approach to learning with a digital recording system, this new course can be achieved quickly and become a platform for students to choose their further learning – whether on the way to cladding or moving to other parts of the construction sector.

Jenny Longden, CEO of Tequ, said:

“We are very pleased to be working in partnership with ProQual to offer the construction industry this much-needed training course on specific skills. The shortage of trained specialists in the installation of rain cover is a problem for this sector, so it is very important to solve this problem as soon as possible.

“Shorter, more specific and operational qualifications are for us a key way to do this that meets both the needs of the industry and what people want from their training. We are very happy to start this scheme and look forward to feedback from the centers and those involved in the qualification. ”

The qualification provides special skills in the hands of construction professionals to help combat the current cladding crisis. The learner will develop their knowledge and skills in the workplace environment, covering criteria such as health and safety, fire risk, equipment preparation and a very important installation method.

The pilot scheme was launched with four training centers, Endeavor Safety Services, Bercaf, Skills Center and ASQ. The scheme covers 100 students who must complete their qualifications by the fall of this year.

Mike Hewitt, Business Services Manager ProQualsaid:

“Due to the constant need to restore cladding across the country, it has become absolutely clear to us that the training courses available on the market are taking up too much time. We wanted to help more effectively qualify and secure future learning through e-portfolios and resumes.

“We are proud of what we have produced and look forward to working with Tequ and training providers to ensure that our first students are fully qualified and come to the field with the necessary skills for a specific job.”

Gerard Toplas, CEO of The 55 Group, the parent organization of Tequ, said:

“It’s fantastic that this collaboration brings together a new digital way of learning that can really help make the industry more responsive. By quickly giving young people skills, it will provide them with a career, not a lifelong career.

“We see this pilot as a template for future qualifications that can be delivered quickly, allowing the sector to respond more to future needs in other areas, including renewable energy, charging electric vehicles and more. We need to promote a “construction passport” approach for the sector, and this pilot project is an excellent building block.

“We are very pleased that this pilot has been supported by key organizations and industry figures, including CITB and Dame Judith Hackitt. Fighting the persistent shortage of people with certain skills in the construction industry is something we are particularly excited about and will continue to work for in the future. ”

For more information on the ProQual Level 2 Award course for installing cladding from a rain screen or to get on board, visit https://www.proqualab.com/media/documents/ProQual-L2-Award-in-Rainscreen-Cladding-Installation.pdf

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