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The power of energy in the workplace to accelerate growth


Have you ever witnessed a sports team collapse in the first half of a game, but after a dejected walk into the locker room after halftime, they return to the field screaming and yelling, ready for a fresh start and another chance to score?

Only one person can turn the energy of an entire team from negative to positive. In sports, it’s the coach, and in business, it’s you!

Your team’s energy is essential for engagement, productivity and positivity. At insistence energy at work it creates positive results.

And what is better for modeling vigorous leadership for your team than attracting a leadership keynote speaker to share your real life thoughts? Hiring a leadership keynote speakerdiscover your team ways to feel more energeticto enter positive energy in the workplace and invest in employees.

Everything in business starts from the top and goes down. That is, if you aim to create positivity energy at work your team will too.

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time – Tony Schwartz

In one of his books, the New York Times bestselling author and founder and CEO of The Energy Project, Tony Schwartz, informs readers that too many people are searching for the wrong resource — hours a day. Rather, he explains that we must focus our energy.

Energy can be broken down into four elements:

  • Physical energy. How healthy are you?
  • Emotional energy. How happy are you?
  • Mental energy. How well can you focus on something?
  • Spiritual energy. Why are you doing all this? What is your goal?

This perspective is not only important in life, but also vital to creating a happy workplace. If you are modeling vigorous leadership and ensuring that your organization has the resources to fuel your team’s energy, you will support their personal and professional success.

Why Embracing Positive Energy in leadership important in the workplace

As Schwartz mentioned, our focus is often misplaced. Especially in the workplace, the profound importance of our energy is incredibly underestimated.

As a leader, you have a significant impact on the energy around you. The energy you bring to your work can be positive or negative, and it’s up to you to decide what kind of energy you want to create.

But whether you want it or not your energy at work is contagious. You either generate enthusiasm and passion, or you drain the life out of a room. Your team constantly looks up to you, so it’s important to know what energy you’re putting forth.

By using the four elements above and incorporating the following ideas into your leadership strategy, you will create positive energy in the workplace and achieve success for your organization.

Create a satisfying and motivating work environment

Our life is an expression of our energy. When we are productive, it is a direct reflection of the energy flowing through us. To create a fulfilling and positive work environment that motivates employees, you need to include work activities that match each person’s energy.

If you invest in employees by encouraging them to focus on their energy rather than managing their time, you instill positive energy in the workplace. Your team will be more productive and feel more satisfied with their work.

And when you convert your vigorous leadership into achievable and measurable goals, you will direct the actions of your team and the application of their energy. Discuss the challenges they need to overcome to achieve these goals and show them how this leads to improved skills. By emphasizing the process of learning new skills and ensuring they understand what the end results will be, your team will feel motivated and empowered to express their energy.

Create more productive teams Energetic leadership

Energy is what gets us out of bed each morning, helps regulate our moods, keeps us going through our daily tasks, and keeps us focused and engaged.

Energy is everything.

When your team understands the reason and benefits of completing tasks, they will feel energized, think smarter and be more productive. We’ve all learned that working longer to complete tasks when our energy is depleted is ineffective. If you notice employees struggling with their workload, ask them to take a break and talk about how to better manage their energy. This not only increases efficiency, but they will also feel supported.

The energy you put into your employees will pay off tenfold in your business.

If your team is positive and productive, they will work together to achieve a common goal and have fun in the process. this creates a hot work environment where everyone wins.

Increasing business efficiency

If you are modeling energy in leadership and invest resources in creating energy at worknot only will your team be more productive, but you’ll create a space where innovation thrives and fresh ideas are encouraged and celebrated. Energy at work leads to increased business efficiency.

How to cultivate energy to accelerate business growth

This is understandable why positive energy is important in the workplace to keep your team productive and your business successful, but did you know it can also help accelerate growth?

The extreme leader doubles up energy at work take your business to a new level.

When you channel and focus your team’s energy, you tap into the infinite power and creativity that leads to the growth of your organization. There are many ways to increase your energy, but the methods below are the ones I share with the most successful industry leaders.

Provide a comfortable and conducive workplace

When people feel comfortable in their environment, they are naturally relaxed, energetic and ready to work. Keep your workspace clean and organized with adequate ventilation and plenty of natural light, lush plants and thought-provoking artyou provide your team with a space optimized for productivity and happiness.

Incorporating comfort into the workplace and reducing distractions that lead to feelings of overwhelm or stress will help employees set intentions, focus on their work, and increase productivity.

In addition to providing a comfortable environment, a great way to cultivate energy is to recognize your team’s achievements and offer tangible rewards for important achievements. This will keep energy levels high as the initial excitement of a new project wears off.

Develop open communication and team collaboration

You can foster a positive social atmosphere by encouraging open communication and collaboration between your team members and management.

Even in a remote or hybrid work environment, staying connected is essential.

I recently spoke with Lisa Anna Palmer, founder and CEO of Light Your Leadership, Inc. We explored the idea that leaders need to make more meaningful connections with their team, even through a screen. We also discussed 5 tips to improve communication with your hybrid team to improve communication and interaction in any work environment.

Energy is the atmosphere, and the more you communicate and spread positivity, the more your team will match your energy. Positivity is contagious and will quickly spread through the office.

Recognize and reward your team

As I mentioned earlier, one of the most effective ways to keep your team morale high is through recognition and rewards.

Set milestones so that when your team’s energy begins to lag, when tasks become tedious or repetitive, you have a built-in opportunity to lift them up with honest recognition. It can be as simple as sending a congratulatory email and letting them know how much you appreciate their contribution to the successful completion of a milestone, or treating the team to coffee or lunch.

When you show your team that they are appreciated with words or small gestures, it boosts morale. This kind of gratitude is an example how can you lead with love. By building your team, you encourage and motivate them to grow, which has a positive impact not only on your business, but on their lives as well.

Encourage healthy eating

As a leader, thinking about what your team eats may not seem important, but what we eat is vital to our energy. Providing healthy food alternatives for your employees is an important part of modeling energy in leadership.

It’s all too easy for your team to reach for heavy fast food, unhealthy snacks, or sugar-filled sodas when they’re busy. ​​​​​​While this provides a quick supply of energy, it will quickly wear off, leaving them feeling lethargic and tired.

Encourage your team to choose healthy meals and snacks instead, because what we put into our bodies affects our energy levels. Nutritious food provides natural, long-lasting energy for increased productivity, increased focus, and the ability to handle whatever comes your way.

You can further support healthy habits by offering a free, healthy lunch if your company’s budget allows, and by encouraging employees to take breaks to enjoy food and socializing.

Take regular breaks

In addition to encouraging healthy eating, give employees time away from work to enjoy a short work break, go for a walk, or get some fresh air. As a manager, model this behavior by taking your own breaks in places visible to your employees.

It is also important to allow employees to take days off and disconnect from work-related matters so they can reset, refresh and recharge. Encouraging breaks and rest is important to creating a positive and productive work environment.

Encourage your team to play sports

According to a Harvard study, physical movement is a great way to increase energy. During exercise, our body produces more mitochondria, also known as the powerhouses of cells. They create fuel from the food we eat and oxygen from the air we breathe. The extra oxygen allows our bodies to function and use energy more efficiently, and we get an extra boost of energy from the increase in hormone levels caused by exercise.

Give your team opportunities for physical movement throughout the day by setting up standing desks and encouraging walks or stretching during breaks to boost energy in the office.

Facilitate learning opportunities

It is important not only to do sports, but also mentally. When you invest in your team by giving them the opportunity to learn new skills, you motivate their career growth. When employees focus on learning, they stay on top of trends and developments that can improve business productivity. They gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their roles and help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s Foster Positive energy in the workplace Together

Hiring a leadership keynote speaker this is the best way to turn it on ways to feel more energetic to the workplace. By doing this, you will show your employees that you value them, and they will in turn be loyal and productive.

Harnessing the power of energy in the workplace is important to you, your employees and your business. Energy is at the heart of everything we do, and by focusing on how to incorporate it into your employee’s best practices, you maximize potential in the workplace.

When you focus on your human capital, growth and success will follow.

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