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The Preply study identifies the most lucrative languages ​​to study in 2021 in the United States

Preply study identifies most lucrative languages to learn in 2021 in USA

A new Preply study found which languages ​​are the most lucrative for U.S. students to study in 2021, topping the Japanese list.

The studyundertaken online learning platform Preliminarilyentered the top 10 most lucrative languages ​​in terms of promoting new jobs, the highest salaries and the best career opportunities in 2021.

The purpose of the study was to provide U.S.-based students with this necessary data, which they can then use to manage language learning choices.

Preply is an online language learning platform that brings together a global network of tens of thousands of students with 15,000 teachers learning more than 50 languages.

Japanese tops the list of the most lucrative languages ​​in the United States in the Preply study

In the Preply study, Japanese was recognized as the most lucrative language in America, earning an average salary of $ 78,075.

This is more than twice the average annual salary in the United States.

The other five most lucrative languages ​​were Hindi, Korean, Italian and German, respectively.

Interestingly, Mandarin was only ninth on the list.

In the United States, meanwhile, Korean speakers earn an average of $ 28,844 more annually than Chinese speakers.

Only 20% of US citizens speak a second language

Only 20% of U.S. citizens can speak a second language, in stark contrast to the global figure, which shows that 60-75% of people can speak two or more languages.

The report was made by investigating the highest paid jobs in the U.S., in which each language was cited as one of the requirements.

Kirill Bigay, CEO of Preply, focused on demonstrations in the report on the possibility of finding a second language.

“The benefits of language learning are hard to deny, which improves the quality of work, health and social life. However, finding time to learn a language can be a challenge.

“At Preply, we believe that online learning can offer everyone the flexibility to adapt language learning to their busy schedule, whether it’s a hobby, health or career investment.”

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