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The Senate has declared an unenforceable initiative to ban cars in central Berlin

The Senate has declared an unenforceable initiative to ban cars in central Berlin

The people’s initiative will sharply reduce traffic in the city center Berlin was declared incapacitated by the Senate. Proponents of the initiative have promised to sue.

Plans to reduce car travel, which the Berlin Senate has recognized as “disproportionate”.

This week the Berlin Senate said that «Berlin autofri ”referendum it would be unacceptable. According to a spokesman for the Senate Home Affairs Department, the bill in its current form would violate basic German law. “The rules that prohibit the movement of private cars throughout the city and allow it only in exceptional cases, are disproportionate and incompatible with the general freedom of action,” – said the department. рбб.

The Senate’s position was rejected by the initiative’s spokeswoman Nina Noble, who said they were not afraid to go to court. “Many are experienced lawyers developed, tested and improved our law, ”she said. “Not only proportionally, but it is very necessary that we significantly reduce car traffic in Berlin. The Home Senate seems to lack the political will and courage to seriously address these issues. But if the Senate directs us to the state constitutional court, we will not shy away. “

Berlin autofrei dramatically reduce traffic in the city center

The Berlin autofrei the initiative seeks to severely restrict people management private cars inside the S-Bahn ring in Berlin, allowing residents to German city make only 12 trips a year to the center. The ban will not affect public transport, taxicommercial and transportation traffic, people with disabilities, or emergency services.

Last year, the initiative collected more than 50,000 signatures calling for a referendum, well in excess of the required 20,000. Now the case is likely to be referred to the Constitutional Court for a final decision.

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