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The state appoints 3 new trustees to the Idaho council

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The Idaho Board of Education has been appointed three new members to the Board of Trustees of Northern Idaho College on Friday, filling three vacancies and returning the board to a quorum.

The board temporarily had no quorum after three of the five trustees resigned. The first, Michael Barnes, resigned in January due to residency problems, leading to numerous stalemate votes on the split council. Trustees Christy Wood and Ken Howard resigned last month to force government officials to appoint three new trustees by establishing a quorum and changing the board.

The appointments come at a time when North Idaho College is in the midst of a presidential search, as well as accreditation problems caused by weak board leadership, the Northwest Commission’s College and Universities Commission’s warning letter said.

Council members Todd Banducci and Greg Mackenzie tried unsuccessfully to prevent the state from filling three vacancies, arguing that only one was needed to create a quorum.

The new trustees will work until November. Proxies will then be elected by voters, and only one nominee has said he will consider his candidacy, according to Idaho Education News.

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