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The UK delegation says the Gold Coast is “Australia’s favorite class”.


While Patricia O’Callaghan, CEO of the company Destination Gold Coastdescribed the coastal city as “Australia’s favorite playground”, Alfred Slogrove, the company’s CEO Gold Coast Study called it “Australia’s favorite classroom” for international students.

The delegation not only highlighted the “beautiful lifestyle” and “desirable living conditions” that the Gold Coast has to offer, e.g. Southern Cross University campus, located 400 meters from the beach, but also delved into some specifics of the rights of international students to work after studies.

“A very significant advantage that the Gold Coast city has over most other cities in Australia is the right to work after studying,” said Rob Borbidge, Chair of Study Gold Coast.

“We are at the forefront of regional educational institutions and this means that international graduates benefit from employment rights after graduation within four years, which our capital cities cannot offer.”

“It shouldn’t be underestimated what this means for students, in particular, who want to experience the Gold Coast not only in terms of education, but also learn what the culture is like in terms of work outcomes,” Slogrove said.

He spoke of the “unique advantages” the city has due to its regional status, including priority visa processing, an advantage they were able to negotiate with the Australian government thanks to said status.

There are also significant options for students who wish to find work alongside their studies. Explore the Gold Coast job platform for students since 2020 successfully finding employers and students.

According to Slogrove, there are currently 1,300 employers on the platform offering more than 1,600 jobs in sports, film, education, tourism and healthcare.

The delegation highlighted the exceptional student support and care the city has offered international students throughout the pandemic.

With international student numbers in the region now approaching pre-pandemic levels, Borbidge believes it “demonstrates that in terms of our community, we are a very caring community that cares about our visitors, whether they are students or tourists “.

The delegation’s trip is timed for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which are being held in Birmingham. The group will attend the 2018 Games hosted by the Queensland city before heading to Barcelona to continue their mayoral mission.

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