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PLEASANTON – Pleasanton United School District (PUSD) is exploring new locations for its district office.

The relocation of the office would mean that the district’s rural high school could move to its current location to create a safer and more unified campus.

During its regular meeting on April 28, the PUSD Council received a presentation from Assistant Head of Business Services Ahmad Sheikhaleslam and instructed to continue the search.

“The council supported the staff’s efforts and provided directions to continue efforts on both the district office and the property of the village high school, and to continue to seek property acquisition opportunities,” Sheikhaleslami said, noting that the district has been monitoring the market for several years. “Given the large number of commercial vacancies resulting from the pandemic, we felt it was a good time to take advantage of the market and begin to seriously consider our options over the past six to eight months.”

The search was initiated because the current premises occupied by the district offices and the village high school are neglected and no longer meet their needs. The buildings were built in the 1950s and, according to a staff report, “since the late 1980s have hardly been renovated or modernized. The premises are not suitable for a small high school or modern offices that promote collaboration, teamwork and work integration. ”

Sheikhaleslami also noted that there are serious problems with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including the lack of ramps and accessible bathrooms. All buildings are in need of fire and technological upgrades, and in some places staff have observed dry rot.

District spokesman Patrick Gannan said another reason for finding a new location is that the site is being considered as part of the city’s development plan.

“This land is extremely valuable and the offices are not using this space,” Genan said. “If the city has decided to move forward using land and the district has decided to sell the land, then we will naturally need to identify new office space and we are reviewing existing buildings … this is part of our master plan for larger facilities. must best serve our students and society. ”

Currently, district officials have identified and completed preliminary property negotiations at Arroyo Center, 5758 and 5794 W. Las Positas Blvd. in Pleasantan. If negotiations go ahead, staff will submit the sale agreement to a May 12 board meeting for approval. The agreement provides a price and terms of purchase, including 75 days of physical and financial assistance, for the district to study, inspect and review all aspects of the building and secure funding.

If the district offices are relocated, part of the district property they currently occupy may be sold to help finance the acquisition of the new location. The village high school will then move to property parking, which will create a more unified campus.

“By relocating district offices, we can make better use of the site for the village high school by placing portable devices in the current parking lot and creating a single campus on the same level or building a new, small high school for educational options,” the staff report said. there is nothing to suggest that the second option will require imprisonment.

Sheikhaleslami said the next steps include continuing negotiations on the ownership of the Arroyo Center for the relocation of district offices.

“The district needs to be strategic in its planning and ensure that our students and staff are doing the right thing, ensuring that our schools and facilities meet our needs now and in the future,” he said.

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