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The United States has made landmark commitments in international education

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The US federal government declares international education a top strategic priority.

What is clear evidence of a positive future for international education in the United States, the U.S. Department of State and Education with the support of the Department of Commerce and Homeland Security released joint statement with teaching components of a national strategy for international students who choose to study in a world-leading field of study.

The joint statement outlined a number of policies and other approaches that federal agencies will follow in support of international education and immigration and visa policy reforms that will facilitate international students’ successful learning and early careers in the United States.

Even before this unprecedented level of commitment was announced, the US was already experiencing a positive accompanying wind. Another proof of the strong resumption of issuance and processing of student visas continues at a record pace. This year’s visa figures reflect both the elimination of the backlog and the growing interest of students from around the world. The number of international registrations in the US this fall is not expected to exceed the pre-pandemic level.

In a joint statement, the agencies pledged to “participate in a coordinated national approach to international education, including the study in the United States of international students, researchers, and scholars; study abroad for Americans; international research cooperation; and the internationalization of U.S. campuses and classes. ”

This level of commitment and cooperation between the U.S. government and its colleges and universities has not been observed in a generation. Proponents of international education in the United States and around the world praise this significant development.

Tom Dretler
Chairman, US News Global Education
Co-founder and CEO of Shorelight
Member of the Board of the Johns Hopkins University School of Education

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