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The University of Western Sydney and Navitas are expanding partnerships

Western Sydney University and Navitas Extend Partnership

The University of Western Sydney and Navitas have signed a 10-year agreement, extending a long-term partnership.

Since the opening of the Sydney University of Western Sydney campus in 2017, Navitas has helped give students on campus a number of undergraduate and graduate courses.

Sydney Campus offers students courses in business, arts, communications, engineering, IT and healthcare at the heart of Australia the most cosmopolitan city.

The Sydney-run Navitas campus has grown from 20 to 1,400 students in 3 years

With an initial admission of less than 20 students, it has quickly evolved into a vibrant community of 1,400 students, as well as faculty and support staff from the University and Navitas.

Commenting on partnership, Professor Barney Glover AO, Vice Chancellor and President of the University of West Sydney, said: “The University of Sydney is an important part of our campus network. It continues to play an important role in supporting the internationalization strategy of the University of Western Sydney, with the city’s campus accepting about half of the students from abroad.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with Navitas over the next decade – together we will continue to provide a high quality educational experience for our students and provide them with a vibrant community on campus in central Sydney.”

Success on the Sydney City campus comes down to the “first student philosophy”

Scott Jones, CEO of the Navitas Group, attributed the proven success of the Sydney City campus to the combined experiences and experiences of the University and Navitas.

Jones said: “We are very proud of our relationship with the University of Western Sydney, which has effective collaboration at all levels of the partnership. Ultimately, this seamless integration provides an exceptional experience for our students and ensures that they achieve the best possible learning outcomes.

“The impressive growth we have seen reflects this philosophy of the first student, as well as the prestigious position of the university and the attractiveness of the modern campus in central Sydney.”

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