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The US is still the first choice for international students

Four international students arrive at US customs and hold out their passports

March is a turning point for international students around the world: U.S. universities are starting to publish their admission decisions for the next academic year, while students are quickly starting their curricula and starting the visa application process.

This year is especially notable in terms of safety and return to normal life: the spread of vaccines in the United States continues to grow, more than 2 million doses are administered every day. And on US News Global Educationin March comes our annual US News An alumni ranking that can help students make a final decision about where they are going to enroll in graduate school in the fall.

Global crises often stimulate demand for education, especially at the graduate level, and the COVID pandemic seems to fit international applications on the rise: Despite the headwind of the pandemic, graduate students in the United States have received the largest number of international applications in history: more than 550,000 interested students worldwide have approached our graduate students. China still leads in global demand for graduate school in the United States with 37% of graduate students in the United States, followed by India with 22%. STEM degrees also remain the most coveted among international students, with engineering, mathematics and computer science degrees having the largest number of entrants.

Another major demand driver? US technology that continues to support and raise the best international talent. In fact, 2018 National Foundation for American Politics reported that more than half of US “technology unicorns” (ie technology startups worth $ 1 billion and above) had at least one immigrant founderincluding Uber and SpaceX.

Navigation on the COVID-19 pandemic has also led to an increase in the number of applications for MBA programswho can provide exceptional training to learn how to manage and lead through challenging, dynamic situations. When I was studying at Harvard Business School to get an MBA, one of the key skills that influenced my career was how to act in uncertainty.

Most encouragingly, President Biden continues to support policies conducive to international students, including more approved vaccines, increasing the spread of vaccines across the United States, and supporting universities in returning to campus classes and experiences.

Autumn has something to hope for, and international students need to feel confident to come to campus for a safe and healthy academic year. An example is the American University, a flagship private university located in the US capital, Washington, DC, which has been accepting international students for decades – and is particularly keen and ready to continue its commitment to international education this year.

Sharmin Ahsan-Brachiale, Managing Director International Accelerator at American Universitytold me, “we welcome international students with open arms! Since March, the American community has learned a lot and made many updates, including stronger IT support and improved Canvas and Blackboard systems, and these are just a few. [changes]. Despite recent challenges, the university community has grown strong and now values ​​its students more than ever. ”

See you soon on campus.

Tom Dretler
Chairman, US News Global Education
Co-founder and CEO of Shorelight
Member of the Board of the Johns Hopkins University School of Education

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