The Uwalde school shootings: Idaho reaction

Idaho’s reaction to the horrific events on Tuesday in Uwald, Texas – a mass shooting at an elementary school that killed 19 children and two adults:

Governor Brad Little: “Our country mourns the victims of today’s horrific shooting at a school in Texas. As the grandfather of school-age children, this news breaks the heart. Families and all victims will be strengthened by our prayers as they fight this horrific tragedy. ”

Shiva Rajbhandari, Boise High School student: “Boise High School is in solidarity with families in Uwalde. It could be any of us. Enough means enough. We deserve to feel safe at school. We deserve common sense rules to prevent this senseless violence. We demand an end to the arms lobby. We demand that our elected leaders act now. “

Debbie Critchfielda Republican candidate for state superintendent: “I have a heartache and we all cry along with the people of Texas.

“Our students, parents and teachers should not worry about going to school for fear of violence. The horrific events in Texas may not be just a reminder, but should serve as a call to action.

“We need to have a strategic plan to address the mental health crisis in Idaho and in our country. There is only one goal: no shootings at school. “

Terry Gilbert, nominated by the Democratic State Superintendent: “My heart aches for parents grieving the loss of their precious children. These tragic mass shootings are happening more and more often. Our children deserve to learn and develop in safe schools, and educators deserve a safe workplace. We can and must do more to prevent deaths from gun violence. ”

Gray Ibar, head of state: “The horrific shooting at the school on Tuesday was 1,600 miles away, but the consequences are immediate and personal for us in Idaho and across the country. The senseless loss of 21 lives and the disruption of space for public safety and learning are a shock to the system for educators and families around the world, and it should intensify and inform our efforts on school safety and mental health. With a broken heart, I send prayers to the families and communities of Uwalde, and call on all Idaho counties and charter schools to reconsider their emergency plans.

“A year ago, this terror visited the small town of Idaho with a shooting at Rigby High School. We are still relieved that no one was killed in the Rigby, but it has forever shattered the belief that “this cannot happen here.” And we must make a commitment in every community and school in Idaho to protect the physical and social safety of students and respond to their mental and emotional needs – and not just after the tragedy. “

Idaho Educational Association: “The news from Texas is devastating. Our hearts weep for all those who have died from this senseless violence. 19 beautiful children, a teacher devoted to their learning, and a young man clearly in crisis. Those who have to go without them express deep sympathy.

“We have to recognize that our schools across the country, including here in Idaho, are in desperate need of mental health services for students who have reached a breaking point.”

Beth Appenheimer, a trustee of the Boise School District: “After two nights of congratulating hundreds of high school graduates, I weep knowing that many children in this country will not get that chance. I don’t even know how to handle it. “

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