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They will remind you of your mother’s cooking – The New Indian Express

They will remind you of your mother’s cooking - The New Indian Express

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No matter how many restaurants and how many kitchens there are, people always cultivate a love of homemade food, especially when they are forced to give up the luxury of eating their mother’s food. The fact that such food is difficult to get in restaurants, makes it even more attractive.

This is earned by a group of homemakers in Chennai who run a hyperlocal startup – Moremilaga – which delivers authentic, vegetarian, homemade food. Founded by Viayalakshmi Ganesha, a graduate of mass communications, the name of the startup is a play on words. Vijayalakshmi explains, “In Tamil it is the name of a spice, while the North Indians would read it as ‘more milega’, which means (I) get more.”

The first thought of starting something like this came to Vijayalakshmi about a year ago, thanks to the old lady she was watching. “She went to different houses and cooked for them every day. I used to wonder why she doesn’t attract customers and doesn’t go everywhere. ” And, further presenting her idea, Vialakshmi gathered about 10 home craftsmen, whose home-made dishes will be delivered to homes and offices. All they had to do was cook extra dishes that they still cook at home.

Almost all of these ladies are Tamilians, but there is also a North Indian among the team, which allows Maramila to have real North Indian dishes on their menu. Orders can be placed through the Moremilaga app or through its website www.moremilaga.com. Some of their popular dishes include condatipli races, piranda togayal, fried seppankizhang, milagu leatherbaba, thawala adai and avial. If you are Tamil, these names probably tickle your taste buds, and if you are a North Indian, here is a sample of what you can order here, although in their home-made versions – palak paneer, aloo mutter, pudina paratha, etc.

To spread the word about their initiative, the ladies first placed an ad in a local newspaper and have since relied solely on word-of-mouth marketing. Moremilaga has steadily progressed and now receives about 40 orders a day on average on weekdays and more orders on weekends.

Contact: www.moremilaga.com

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