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Three months after Freedom Day, 70% of professionals in the UK feel safe at work, but more than a third say the return has affected their mental health


Today marks the 3-month anniversary of Freedom Day and when the government lifted the latest restrictions imposed to help control the spread of coronavirus in England. CV library, A leading independent vacancy commission in the UK interviewed more than 3,000 UK professionals to find out how their working lives have changed over this period.

70% of workers feel safe in the workplace without any legal restrictions, but 36.1% report that visiting the office after lifting restrictions has affected their mental health.

Overall, 80.7% say the precautions their employer has taken to prevent the spread of infections among the workforce have declined over the past three months. However, 19.3% say they have actually increased as more people have returned to work.

The main changes that employees noticed in the workplace are *:

  1. 50.8% – More people work
  2. 34.9% – There is a calmer atmosphere
  3. 30.4% – People are less careful around everyone
  4. 18.3% – The incidence rate has increased

* based on 3 best answers

In terms of vulnerability to COVID-19 infection, people are more likely to get COVID-19 in the following ways:

  1. 30% – When communicating
  2. 27.9% – When shopping
  3. 27.1% – At work
  4. 12% are school-age children

Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library Comments,

“In many ways, Freedom Day feels much longer than three months ago. The war in Ukraine and the rising cost of living have set a precedent for many. However, for UK workers there has been a long period of adaptation and it is encouraging to know that most now feel safe in their workplace ”.

Biggins continues, Although the Prime Minister believes that working at home “does not work”, these results prove that the benefits for many are significant, especially when it comes to positive mental health. In all the latest results of the CV-Library survey, the message is consistent and clear, and it seems that British experts are in no hurry to return to the mode of operation before the pandemic. ”

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