Three more property insurers are asking for significant rate increases at the hearing


    (Reuters) – Millions of digital locks worldwide, including those on Tesla cars, could be remotely unlocked by hackers exploiting a vulnerability in Bluetooth technology, a cybersecurity firm said on Tuesday.

    In a video shared by Reuters, NCC Group researcher Sultan Qasim Khan was able to open and control the Tesla using a small relay device connected to a laptop that bridged the large gap between the Tesla and the Tesla owner’s phone.

    “This proves that any product that relies on a trusted BLE connection is vulnerable to attacks even from the other side of the world,” the British firm said in a statement, referring to the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, a technology used in millions of cars. and smart locks that automatically open when in close proximity to an authorized device.

    While Mr. Khan demonstrated the hack on a 2021 Tesla Model Y, NCC Group said any smart lock that uses BLE technology, including residential smart locks, can be unlocked in the same way.

    Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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