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Tips from “Zen Billionaire” Ken Honda


Can money buy happiness? Probably not. But that being said, you might be a little happier crying in a Porche than a bike, right?

Believing this will not make you shallow, especially if you learn the right ways to financial wealth.

Are there any correct ways?“, you may ask. Undoubtedly.

That’s why Mindvalley has teamed up with one of the most influential money masters in the world, Japanese “Zen Billionaire” Ken Honda, to give you some helpful tips on how to let money flow in your life.

Ken will talk about:

Learning the ins and outs of money mechanisms and how to attract them can set you up for a lifetime of prosperity. Now let’s hack your money mindset.

What is financial wealth?

Financial prosperity is about being content with what you have and knowing that it will always be enough for everything. Really acknowledging that your dough is flowing.

When you feel a sense of inner satisfaction, it is like a signal to the universe that money can flow into your life with ease. You will have enough to satisfy your needs and wants, with the freedom to choose how to spend your time at any moment.

When you live in contentment, it means that your life is truly authentic to you. Money is just a way of expressing it.

Abundance mindset versus scarcity mindset

Simply put, having wealth of thought means that you feel that there is enough money in the world for everyone, and you know that it can easily come to you. Wealth is a feeling of contentment, satisfaction and relaxation when it comes to your relationship with money.

When you adopt this mindset, your thoughts and beliefs will change to:

  • Money comes easily.
  • I deserve to have money.
  • I am worthy of abundance.
  • I have everything I need to be abundant.
  • There is enough money for everyone.

On the other hand, many people live in a trap deficit thinking. Society has made us believe lies about money so we become slaves to it for life.

This type of mentality might sound like this:

  • Money is hard to earn.
  • I have to work very hard to earn money.
  • Rich people are just lucky, and I’m not like them.
  • Money is dirty.
  • There is not enough money for everyone.

The amazing thing about it, though, is that you can learn to heal your own money wounds under the direction of Ken Honda.

According to him, money is simply an energy that needs to flow through your life, and the best way to do that is to create a stable foundation with the Money Equalizer. Take it? Your relationship with money is a pillar of wealth.

If you don’t have a peace and prosperity mindset around money, having a lot of it will get you nowhere.

— Ken Honda, best-selling author, money expert, and Mindvalley’s coach Money equalizer Quest

How to achieve financial prosperity in 3 steps

Financial prosperity can be a fancy word gain financial freedom. And Ken has a three-step process that can help you build your way into the world of your financial dreams.

Ken Honda, Mindvalley’s trainer Quest Money EQ

#1: Build a healthy relationship with money

If money were no constraint, what would you do? This is a difficult question that Ken makes us ask ourselves.

You may choose to travel around the world or buy a fancy car, but what will you do when the thrill wears off?

Money is energy and it is very important to understand that how to make your money happy. You can take financial wealth crystals and all that (which can help), but first you need to work on how you feel about your money.

Contrast this with any other relationship where you would like to foster a sense of joy, connection, and gratitude. Just think about that for a moment.

How would a friend react if they knew you were disappointed, angry, or afraid of them? Are your relationships going smoothly? Will they all be smiling and happy to be around you?

If your money is smiling, you must do something big.

— Ken Honda, best-selling author, money expert, and Mindvalley’s coach Money equalizer Quest

To become more aware of these intimate relationships in your life, Ken recommends practicing talking to your money.

Practice with cash or a credit card, but the key is to start a conversation and make a connection.

ask yourself “If money were a person, what would it say?” What would you say in response?

  • “I’m so sorry for ignoring you like that.”
  • “I would really like to be friends with you.”
  • “You mean a lot to me.”

When having a one-on-one talk with your money, you can also sweeten things up with the following financial abundance affirmations:

  • I now release all resistance to attracting money.
  • Money flows easily to me.
  • I naturally attract luck.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • I choose a life of abundance.

It may seem silly at first, but this exercise is a great start to changing the way you think about money and truly creating a joyful relationship.

#2: Heal Your Money Wounds

When it comes to blocking your financial wealth, money wounds are the main problem of your blockages. According to Ken, they are mostly passed down from our family in the form of limiting beliefs and resistance to receiving them.

Money wounds will make it difficult for us to keep money flowing into our lives because it can be built on an idea “I’m not worth enough to have money.” These templates create your financial reality.

Ken advises identifying the patterns that exist around money. And it is here that we will find the answer to the question of why we cannot create the financial wealth that we want.

What can help you in the healing process of these wounds is developing assessment practice.

During this exercise, you can take a moment to write down all the wonderful people and opportunities you have encountered in your life. You can reflect on your family’s past and send as much love and sympathy as you can they are hurt in their relationship with money. Just like you could do right now.

Gratitude opens the door to greater love and abundance.

— Ken Honda, best-selling author, money expert, and Mindvalley’s coach Money equalizer Quest

The practice of assessing financial wealth

#3: Increase your money container, aka receiving power

Ask a question “How big is my money container?” Think about the amount of money you are currently settling for. Determine where you are.

Your container of money is basically your ability to get financial abundance in your life. Do you feel ready to have a large sum of money in your container? Or is there a feeling of limitation around money, like you don’t have enough room to fit too much of it?

Perhaps you often have the feeling that money is going somewhere in your life. You just don’t know where it’s going. When there is frustration with money, it is often because there is a hole in your money container.

Now take a deep breath and ask yourself: “If you were a super egoist, what would you do?” Ken calls out to us think about these secret needs you never waste time on parenting.

This is important because in order to bring financial abundance into your life and replenish your money container, you need to pour yourself a cup first. If you continue to ignore your own needs, it’s like walking around not knowing you’re bleeding and then wondering where the pain is coming from.

Begin to recognize your secret needs and begin to satisfy them one by one.

— Ken Honda, best-selling author, financial expert and coach at Mindvalley’s Money equalizer Quest

Experience your financial greatness

Your path to financial wealth doesn’t have to be stressful. You can enjoy every step if you get the right guidance and support.

That’s where Mindvalley’s is Heal money wounds Master class this free class can help you get on the path to peace and freedom with money.

The best part about this is that you don’t have to do it alone. You can join a community where people share the same values ​​and views on financial prosperity.

You are welcome.

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