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Some people insist that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” No matter how many times and in what ways this old adage has been debunked, many people still believe it.

“I’m too old.” “He’s too stubborn!” “She’s just set in her ways.” “I couldn’t change if you paid me.” “Why worry about it now?” – whatever the excuse, these people have decided that it’s just not possible or worth the effort to learn or try something new.

Not true for Ed Bray. A World War II veteran with two Purple Hearts and more than a dozen other medals, Ed Bray lived a long and remarkable life. But perhaps the most remarkable thing is what Ed learned to do at the age of 89.

He learned to read.

With the help of close friends, colleagues, and his late wife, Ed got along pretty well throughout his life without ever learning to read. After nearly nine decades of life, he could easily decide, “I’ve come this far, why change anything now?” But no, Ed decided that the time had finally come – he was going to overcome his lifelong illiteracy and read at least one book.

“I don’t care if it’s about Mickey Mouse! I want to read one book before I die.’

In February 2013, at the age of 89, Ed Bray proved that youit is possibleteaching an old dog new tricks when, after months of training and practice, he sat down and read a book for the first time.

If an 89-year-old can learn to read for the first time, what is it?youCan you do what you thought was simply impossible?

Too late, too hard, too bad?never!It’s never too late to learn or try something new!

Please see the original 2013 powerful and inspiring news story about Ed Bray Click here. To see more of Ed’s story and video from 2021, please Click here.

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