Top 10 leading institutions in the world to study economics

    Top 10 leading institutions in the world to study economics

    A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Economics may be great for you if you really have a strong analytical skills and love working with data, spotting trends, and analysing labour markets. Economists investigate and construct models to assist commercial enterprises and government entities on economic policy. Economic studies will also offer you a variety of transferrable skills, such as strategic planning and computer literacy.

    To rate higher education institutions, metrics such as graduate income, career chances, academic articles, research money, and others are used.

    University of Cambridge

    The University of Cambridge is indeed a major public university in Cambridge, England. It was established in 1209, and Henry III awarded it a royal charter in 1231. It is an institution of international renown! The great thing about Cambridge is that the monitoring system is excellent, ensuring that students completely comprehend and interact with the topics being taught.

    New York University

    New York Institution (NYU) is a New York City-based private research university.It was founded in 1831.New York University provides an excellent platform for students to stretch themselves and grow outside of their comfort zones. Being in New York City provides access to a plethora of options that must be pursued. NYU equips students with all of the resources they need to succeed in the real world.

    Harvard University

    Harvard Institution is a private Ivy League research university situated in Massachusetts.Harvard College was founded in 1636. Harvard is ranked second in the world for Economics and has generated a number of Nobel Laureates in the field. The department hosts more than 15 lectures every week from leading international and American economists on a variety of issues.

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    The Hong Kong Institution of Science and Technology (HKUST), founded in 1991, is an international research university devoted to providing world-class education and research. Founded with the objective of advancing learning and understanding in science, technology, management, and business studies via teaching and research. Its Economics department was currently ranked worldwide and second in Asia.

    Bocconi University

    Their Economics department, which is placed 16th in the global and first in Italy, actively attracts outstanding international teachers from throughout the world. Many members of the Economics Department have been appointed as consultants for international organisations like as the IMF, UN, and World Bank, in addition to teaching and research. It includes a variety of programmes and activities to assist new students both when they first arrive and throughout their academic careers. This comprises an Italian crash course and a follow-up course to ensure that incoming foreign students have a successful stay in Milan. International students can get assistance with finding accommodation, academic counselling, and a variety of orientation programmes.

    Stanford University

    Stanford University is a famous university with a few of the greatest campuses in the United States. In 1885, it was founded. Economics is becoming more and more of a multidisciplinary discipline. The advantage of studying here is that you can take classes, collaborate, and conduct research with faculty from top-tier departments across the institution, including computer science, statistics, political science & mathematics, as well as groups within the Graduate School of Business, School of Medicine, School of Education, and Law School.

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